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In 2016 and 2017, Visit Meteora was awarded the golden prize of the Greek Tourism Awards, for its excellence in destination marketing/branding and management of Meteora. This company offers an exclusive mixture of enjoyable and memorable travel experiences both in the Meteora region and also around it, ranging from soft adventures and sight-seeing tours to day trips and transfers in one of the most breathtaking places of Greece.

Visit Meteora is a group of travel professionals and local destination experts who have combined their talents, knowledge, resources, and travel passion to become the pioneers of a Destination Management Company in Meteora Greece. They take great pride that all of their tours are highly rated by customers, proving the company’s long-lasting commitment to excellence in everything it does. Above all, the main goal for the past years has been to bring visitors in touch with the essence of what a Meteora visit is all about: a deeply transformative experience in a natural wonder.

The DMC’s target audience is every single traveler who is visiting Greece and is seeking memorable and unique experiences. Meteora is one of the highlights not just of Greece but of Europe. Target groups like the millennials and generation X till the baby boomers, along with families, couples, solo travelers, and groups of friends from all over the world, Visit Meteora has clients from the US, Canada, Latin America, Australia, Europe, and Asia.

The initial plan was to create a private DMO company and a local tour operator company simultaneously. They knew that the lack of tourism infrastructure in Meteora meant that as a tour company, they had to promote the whole destination, including hotels, tourist attractions, restaurants, and outdoor activities – pretty much acting like a DMO. It was very challenging to be a local tour operator and at the same time do things like a public tourist information office – (be located at a) central tourist spot, create and offer free maps everywhere, work on media trips and familiarization trips, produce audiovisual quality content, and create new products. The company wants to make visiting Meteora a unique experience for all, and it will never pull the stop.

Apart from being committed to its customers, the company is also committed to Meteora and its environment. It offers sustainable and responsible tourism services through monitoring its carbon footprint and controlling CO2 emissions.

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Tours are all designed and operated by locals with a pristine knowledge of the area, exposing to visitors not only the well-known monuments but also the hidden gems of the destination. Visit Meteora offers multiday tours in mainland Greece, and it has created a close-knit group with local partners to make the visit to Meteora an enriching experience. Close ties with the local people and experts have helped to craft tours and trips to Meteora that reveal its soul and helps every visitor to touch its beauty. Tours are innovative and ensure that the traveler will get the essence of the place.

Take for example, the sunset tour in Meteora. It’s amazing. It’s an experience that would forever remain etched in mind and soul. Similarly, the hikes through the majestic rock forest of Meteora are challenging and make guests push the envelope and in the process, rediscover their strengths and also the captivating views of the place.

It was 7 years ago, and the company is still working the business plan. When it decided to book the Visit Meteora domain name for its website, the company found out that the name was not available and started to think of alternative solutions. This is how it came across with .travel and has been working with the .travel domain since then. The company is happy when it realizes how many more benefits it could have with a .travel solution. It shows the world that the company is a travel and tourism-related business and recognized as part of that community. It allows it to incorporate the domain to the brand and is by far the best solution for the travel industry.

Visit Meteora believes that the domain name helped it to set the foundation of what it is today, and it thinks the domain .travel will help it even more in the next stages of development of the site. The domain is its brand identity and the company is satisfied from experience with .travel so far.

Not only was the company able to book the desirable domain that was not available at the very beginning, but also search engines assigned a value to the .travel extension because it has meaning through its direct connection to travel and tourism.

Working with .travel has been an excellent experience, and the company would recommend to anyone to try and use it for their travel business web site without any doubts.

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