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Google advertisement now banned in Russia

Google advertisement now banned in Russia
Google advertisement now banned in Russia
Written by Harry Johnson

Russian state media watchdog, Roskomnadzor, announced that YouTube, a video hosting platform owned by Google, refused to remove over 12,000 videos “spreading fake news” about the course of Russia’s war of aggression in Ukraine.

“In addition, YouTube does not combat the dissemination of information by extremist organizations such as the Right Sector and the nationalist Azov Battalion,” the Roskomnadzor claimed, referring to Ukrainian paramilitary groups that, alongside the Ukrainian Armed Forces, are defending Ukraine against Russian invaders.

Roskomnadzor also claims that it has also found nearly 60 cases of “discrimination” against the Russian government, the country’s media outlets, public and sports organizations as well as individuals by the video hosting platform.

“In particular, blocking accounts or content of news agencies Russia Today, Russia 24, Sputnik, Zvezda, RBC, NTV and many others was revealed,” the regulator said, referring to Russian propaganda mouthpieces on government payroll.

Today, Russian state media regulator announced that it has banned advertising of Google information resources in Russia, due to those “violations” and “non-compliance” with laws.

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“The complete ban on distribution of advertising on Google and its resources is due to the spreading of misinformation by a foreign entity in violation of the Russian legislation,” the press office of Roskomnadzor said via the regulator’s telegram-channel.

The new ban will be in effect until Google “takes all the necessary steps” to “completely comply with Russian law,” according to the regulator.

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