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German transgender tourist caught having sex with Saudi visitor: Arrested and deported from UAE

Vacationing in Dubai and being transgender. Not a good idea, specially if your boyfriend is a visitor from Saudi Arabia.

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A 31 year old German transgender female  and a 34 male Saudi tourist were apprehended from a Dubai hotel room for being involved in a sexual encounter after cybercrime policemen tracked them down through Snapchat and Twitter.

Policemen at Dubai Police’s cybercrime section were patrolling online and surfing the internet when they found on social media networks two suspicious accounts that were promoting pornographic materials and videos of individuals involved in sex in September.

A local newspaper writes: “Physical examinations proved that the 31-year-old suspect, who is identified as a female as per the German passport, is an intersex person. Meanwhile, the Saudi is used to having bizarre sex.”

Upon leaving the hotel room, law enforcement officers asked the 34-year-old suspect about what he was doing in the room before he responded that he came to have paid sex with the German.

When questioned by prosecutors, the German suspect was quoted as admitting to have had sex five times with males for Dh2,000 each. The intersex suspect was also cited to have admitted that the sexual encounters were all videotaped and broadcast on Snapchat and Twitter.

Medical reports confirmed that the German has contracted HIV.

Tourism is big business in Dubai. It may be the reason prosecution sources close to the case told local Gulf News on Thursday that the case has been dropped and they have been deported.

Records said that the suspects have been blacklisted from entering the UAE.

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