UEFA Europa League: Traveling British Fans Warned Ahead of Brighton v. AEK

UEFA Europa League
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The Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office advises sports fans traveling to Greece to watch Brighton play tomorrow to stay vigilant.

The Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office has issued a warning to Brighton fans traveling for the team’s UEFA clash with AEK Athens tomorrow, advising caution for those attending the match.

Ahead of the UEFA Europa League match between AEK and Brighton on November 30, they recommend planning movement in Athens, arriving early at the stadium, following local authorities’ instructions, and safeguarding personal belongings, including passports, particularly in crowds and on public transport.

The official website of Brighton and Hove Albion provides additional guidance for fans, detailing meeting points for shuttle buses to the stadium. Supporters are informed of a 45-minute post-match hold in the arena to prevent potential post-game issues.

The advice emphasizes the possibility of street crime, urging vigilance, sensible precautions, and the importance of having valid travel insurance while in Athens.

The FCDO website issues a cautionary advisory for individuals in Athens, warning about potential indiscriminate attacks, including in areas commonly visited by foreigners. Incidents involving explosives and automatic weapons have targeted various Greek institutions, shopping malls, banks, media offices, diplomatic buildings, and the police.

Although British nationals aren’t typically singled out, the warning suggests that places frequented by foreigners could be at risk of such attacks.

Over the summer, during a clash between AEK Athens and Dinamo Zagreb fans in Athens, a 29-year-old man lost his life in August after being stabbed multiple times outside the Nea Philadelphia stadium. The incident occurred amid violence between supporters of both clubs.

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