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Florida is the most infected, Hawaii the deadliest US Tourism Destination

Miami Airport
Tourists at Miami Airport

Flights to Florida and Hawaii are full Hotels are doing great. Lines at restaurants are frequent. A visitor forgets he is really in COVID-19 heaven when visiting the Sunshine, or the Aloha State at this time.

  1. Florida has the fastest spread of COVID-19 infection in a major Tourism State today with 25991 new cases or 1210 cases per million population. 27 people died or 1.25 per million
  2. Hawaii is the deadliest US Tourism State with 4 dead or 2.17 per million. Hawaii recorded 845 new cases or 584 per million
  3. Hawaii is a Democratic State, Florida a Republican State.
Millions of American say YES to a vacation, …. but now?

It really doesn’t make much of a difference to the COVID virus if a US State is run by a Republican or Democratic Governor.

Do Florida and Hawaii Love Visitors to death?

Opening a State to Tourism may however be a formula that also opens up the State up to record high COVID infections. Florida is wide open for tourism, and so is Hawaii, welcoming visitors with open arms.

92% of LGBTQ travelers in the U.S. are vaccinated. Fortunate both States are LGBTQ-friendly.

Both states are taking turns competing with each other for the last few weeks on who has the worst outbreak in new COVID-19 cases, and both States refuse to call for more meaningful restrictions on its money-earning visitor’s industry.

  • The comparison is based on COVID 19 statistics for today and not overtime.
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  • Over time Hawaii had the lowest COViD-19 number of any State. The numbers went from lowest to scary after travel restrictions and requirements were changed earlier this month.
  • On April 18, 2020, this publication reported about Hawaii was closed after COVID -19 infection numbers exceeded 100 in one day. Just this week Hawaii had close to 1200 new infections in one day, and tourism remains booming with hardly any visible restrictions in place.

    Hawaii opened up to vaccinated visitors this month, and to visitors with a negative test since October 2020.

    Hawaii relaxed mask and social distancing requirements in restaurants, hotels, and other indoor settings, and COVID is spiking while tourism is booming.

    Florida got away in avoiding most restrictions, kept on advertising as a good travel destination, and COVID is spiking.

    Both states Florida, and Hawaii have in common, that the spread of COVID is at an all-time high at this time scaring many locals to hide in their homes.

    While Hawaii still has sufficient hospital beds at this time, in Florida emergency rooms are spread out to hallways already.

    In the past week, Florida has had more COVID cases than all 30 states with the lowest case rates, combined.

    Both states have more than 50% of their population fully vaccinated, and both States know the danger number is in the nonvaccinated camp.

    Both States also need the tourism economy to flourish and won’ consider stiff restrictions. Hawaii Governor Ige put some more symbolic restrictions back in place. He requires restaurants now to only sell 50% of their space.

    Since the United States is still closed to most international tourism, both States rely on domestic tourists. The European travelers are missing in Florida, while Japanese, and Koreans are no longer seen in Hawaii’s restaurants, shops, and beaches.

    Domestic Tourism however is compensating for this loss and has been booming like never before.

    Ironically Governor Ige in Hawaii told tourists there is no need to travel at this time, and the Hawaii Tourism Authority had been trying to make travel to Hawaii as uncomfortable as possible. All of this remains on death ears.

    The justification by officials that tourists really don’t mingle with locals is laughable, and everyone knows it.

    Hawaii and Florida actually became closer to each other after Hawaiian Airlines introduced non-stop flights from Honolulu to Orlando.

    The “rest of the story” is not yet known. It’s frightening to even think about the outcome, Unfortunately, some sentences are already written on the wall.

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    Here in Hawaii, the vast majority of fresh cases are community spread amongst families and non-tourist related gatherings. If the spread was at resorts sand tourist destinations, instead of our neighborhoods, tourism would have been shut done again in a heartbeat. We all like to point fingers, but we’re not policing ourselves because it’s easier to point fingers at others

    Joan Enriquez-Noguera

    It is all about the money.Hawaii wants the money.People are tired of being shut in and want a vacation at any cost.No love of lives.Their own life or anyone elses. Stop traveling.Stay home.Social distance, wear masks , Wash hands , Sanitize, So we can get Through this and get our lives back.At this selfish rate or entitlement we are going to keep loosing lives and getting sick.Sacrifice now for a chance to improve this situation.Hawaii and Florida need to shut the door and clean up their act.I feel bad for the locals of Hawaii as they are being invaded.Plain Greed

    raymond low

    don’t come don’t care.


    When testing stopped for vaccinated people Comimg to Hawaii the cases began to spike within a few weeks vaccinated people are bringing it in decreasing restaurants and hotels to 50% will not stop people bringing it they l need to be tested before coining in to Hawaii


    Hawaii does not need tourism to flourish. It only accounts for 16% of our gdp because most of the planes, car rentals, hotels, and excursions are owned by big corporations not located in Hawaii. We have the highest cost of living but lowest hospitality wages in the nation. We flourished during the shutdown. The reefs came alive again, locals took care of each other, planted gardens, hunted, fished, and shared. It’s so crowded here right now that we dan’t even find a place to park at an overcrowded beach where the coral reef is full of sunscreen sludge and fish are gone again. This article is only adding insult to injury. Our hospitals are setting up covid tents, there is no staff to man them, elective procedures are pau, store shelves are empty…we would no even dream of going to a restaurant because we have been shut out of our own homes by overtourism. If you love Hawaii, please stay home for now…we are in crisis mode.

    R B

    Posting articles like these do not help the pandemic. Hawaii has not changed its mask policy, they are required indoors.
    Also making comments ‘re which state is Repulbican or Democrat is ridiculous!

    Fake News

    Too bad none of this info is remotely accurate at all. CDC stopped tracking cases a little while back, so how could you even get close to making this claim? Please stop spreading fear-driven fake news. Anyone reading this, do your own research on these topics. Stop relying on garbage articles like this.

    Mary Head

    Used to live near Hilo Hawaii and just recently went to visit my daughter on Maui. Covid test within 72 hours and vaccination record was required and masks on the plane. Hawaii wishes it didn’t rely on tourist. People come rude, trash the place, crowd the beaches, consume and wasteful! And the first cases of covid came from tourists!


    It’s “deaf ears” not death ears. Calling something scary isn’t journalism it’s sensationalism, as is the headline. This is irresponsible. You are part of the problem in our world.

    Teresa Weydert

    Is really the tourists causing the increase? Or is it islanders going to Vegas and bringing it home?

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