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Evacuation Plane Hijacked in Kabul disappeared to Iran

Many countries are in Afghanistan trying to fly their citizens into safety after Taliban fighters took the country.
Kabul Airport is under American control and Ukraine also sent a plane to evacuate its citizens. This plane was stolen and took off for Iran.

  • An Ukrainian plane that arrived in Afghanistan on Sunday to evacuate Ukrainians has been hijacked by an unidentified group of people who flew the Ukrainian aircraft into Iran,
  • Ukrainian Foreign minister told Ukrainian media: “Last Sunday, our plane was hijacked by other people.
  • The plane was stolen and instead of airlifting Ukrainians, our next three evacuation attempts were also not successful because Ukrainian people could not get into the airport.

According to the Ukrainian Foreign Minister, the hijackers were armed.
Other evacuation flights took off with no issue.

However, the deputy minister did not report anything about what happened to the plane or whether Ukraine would seek to get it back.

No information was released on how Ukrainian citizens can be evacuated from Kabul onboard this “practically stolen” plane or another aircraft Kyviv could send

The minister only underlined that the Ukrainian diplomatic services headed by Foreign Minister Dmitry Kuleba “had been working in the crash test mode” the whole week.

On Sunday, a military transport plane with 83 people on board, including 31 Ukrainians, arrived from Afghanistan in Kyiv.

The presidential office reported that 12 Ukrainian military personnel returned home, while foreign reporters and public figures who requested help were also evacuated.

The office also added that around 100 Ukrainians are still expecting evacuating in Afghanistan.

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