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European Airports Commit Now to Net Zero

Image courtesy of Lars Nissen from Pixabay

The Toulouse Declaration for the first time marks that European governments, the European Commission, industry, unions, and other key stakeholders are formally aligned on aviation decarbonization.

It paves the way for the next steps, both in the establishment of an EU Pact for Aviation Decarbonization, and globally as the UN’s ICAO sets a global goal for international aviation later this year.

The declaration marks a new chapter in Europe’s journey towards aviation’s net zero 2050 goal.

Airports from across the continent have emerged as one of the strongest voices driving the initiative forwards.

Together with all the airports (over 200) that have signed the Declaration and ACI Europe (which signed both in its own right and as a partner in Destination 2050 aviation industry roadmap), Aeroporti di Roma has chosen to promote the initiative, further strengthening its commitment towards decarbonization, a goal that ADR aims at reaching by 2030; a commitment, which has been made monitored and mandatory also by the launch of the first Sustainability-Linked Bond last April.

“We have chosen with enthusiasm to sign the Toulouse Declaration as the elimination of greenhouse gases represents one of our main strategic objectives in terms of sustainability,” Marco Troncone, CEO of Aeroporti di Roma, declared. “For a decade now, we have been working towards the path of decarbonization of the airports we manage, confirming the NetZero 2030 objective, well ahead of the European references in the sector, with a plan mainly aimed at renewable sources and mobility. At the same time, we are engaged in the distribution of SAF, the biofuel for aviation, with Fiumicino airport being the first airport in Italy to make it available to airlines, last October.”

Airports have long been first movers in leading the challenge of decarbonizing aviation. Almost 200 European airports are now certified under the Airport Carbon Accreditation program, and close to 400 airports globally1 (including ADR, which obtained the Level 4+ of the accreditation); European airports are also  actively engaging with their business partners and stakeholders to advance decarbonization of the broader air transport system.

Olivier Jankovec, Director General of ACI EUROPE said: “Each and every airport undersigning this Declaration is making a tangible difference to our future as an industry, as an economy and as a society. They continue to demonstrate ambition, vision and excellence in their sustainable actions. I admire and applaud each and every one of them.”

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