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eTN received secret intelligence documents leaked from Syria

ETurboNews (eTN) received a copy of a proclaimed secret document from the Syrian government intelligence agencies.

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ETurboNews (eTN) received a copy of a proclaimed secret document from the Syrian government intelligence agencies. According to a US government official, the document cannot yet be verified as authentic. Sources told eTN this document was in fact a true copy of a recent Syrian intelligence directive.

Mass protests calling for sweeping changes in Syria’s authoritarian regime turned deadly, with the government and protesters both claiming heavy casualties as the country’s four-week uprising continues and enters a dangerous new phase.

The leaked document orders Syrian government intelligence agencies to infiltrate demonstrations in Syria and the killing of the opposition leader, then make the United States and Israel responsible.

The US government has not yet verified the truth of the document. However, according to a US official, the document is most likely authentic.

Without editing, eTN prints the received document here:

Syrian Arab Republic
Department of General Intelligence
Department of General Intelligence / Highly Classified /

General plan:

There is a growing trend in a minority to imitate what happened in Tunisia and Egypt to benefit from economic conditions in the country and the external atmosphere in support to popular movements. This trend may increase after what happened in the town of Dara few days ago.

Must take advantage of past experience in dealing with hostile Muslim Brotherhood movement, and benefit from the mistakes of the Tunisian and Egyptian especially that they had to restrict the power of the army and Republican Guard from the beginning and allowed the media to cover every move until it gets out of control.

Things will not reach by using the methods set out in the detailed plan to a situation that is dangerous to public order and the country or threaten the continuity of existential and the gross result will be the proceeding over several tiring after which the regime will get out more powerful indefinitely.
Committee met with the security cabinet, composed of both a u, M n, c h, p m, h m, on 29 3 2011 with regard to protests and hostile demonstrations and it discussed all aspects of security, political and media and has developed measures and the following actions– and then emphasized that the treatment requires the involvement of three types of action: security, media, and political and economic at minimum.

The detailed plan:
The plan depends on three integrated components: an information – a security and field performance – political, economic.

Media Component:
– Linking the demonstrations and protests against anti-regime to figures hated by Syrians like Lebanese and Saudi Arabia known figures and link it all to Zionism and America. There is a plan being prepared by the security cell to be plugged in plausibly and credibly using the appropriate methods on a temporary basis in suspicious sites under the name of Bandar bin Sultan.
– An intensive media campaign accusing the protesters with being agents to Saudi Arabia, Israel and America, and in the case of killings the security media cell must repeatedly accuse the armed gangs or extremist and that security services and military help to maintain security and stability for citizens.
– An indirect media campaign on the TV and private channels and the streets around a sectarian strife and intimidating Christians and Druze of the Muslim Brotherhood and extremism, which they could face if they did not take part in ending the protests. And alerting Alouites in the coastal area to defend their system and their lives that will be threatened by Sunni extremism.
– Assigning some elements of security in all security agencies to work through Facebook in order to respond to and disrupt hostile voices, and make them using anti-regime aliases in order to use directions and attitudes that shall harm the reputation of the opponents, and they can reveal methods and schemes hostile to Mr. President and the country as well.
– Preventing the media from being present in places of riot, and punish those who convey any news that do not serve the country, and do not show any laxity in this matter.
– In case the hostiles succeed in filming or transferring any videos or images, the security cell media should process scenes of protests and create gaps in it so that they can then be displayed on the Syrian media and other and to expose these gaps and thus it can loose its credibility in the minds of everyone.
– The use of elements and officers in the army of Christians and Druze in accessing areas of opposing protests and tempting them to defend themselves. Also the use of units of the Army whose elements are far from the protesting areas in order to prevent cases of rejection and rebellion and hesitations in the execution of orders.
– In case things have come to a critical condition and hazardous level, drag everyone to choose between security, stability and freedoms which they seek, and they shall choose security and safety. This can be implemented with some assassinations of different sects and clans, or the bombing of places of worship in some places of huge tension.
Political and Economic component:
– Directing a massive march in support of Mr. president of the republic before his address to the people so that the speech comes in response to the demands of the masses only. Strict instructions need to be issued to government institutions, the unions, and schools to mobilize staff and students, and distributing logos on them.
The expected President’s speech:
Speech is to be delayed as much as possible. This delay expresses the power of the state and its lack of interest and concern in what might happen. It also contributes to the clarification of the image and determining the amount of political action and the media that is required.
Any change we may need to do should be displayed as we are the ones who started it and called to it.
Give a picture of the coherence of all elements of the system.
Actions that can be displayed in the presidential address before the Council of People:
-Increase the salaries of workers in the state sector and the government after consulting the Minister of Finance and developing a plan for the return of financial stability through a period of 3 months, especially that this increase may lead to confusion in the interests of currently stable economic state.
-The launch of a promise to create new job opportunities that are distributed on all provinces.
-Some possible reduction on the price of diesel fuel and some basic goods.
-Partial change in the government as well as exposing the corruption of some ministers. This needs one security committee who shall choose the minister to be sacrificed. This will contributes to persuading the people in the seriousness move of the political leadership towards reform.
-Reducing the tariff on mobile calls officially. Part of them can be restored through non-notable fees later.
– To provide some personal and public benefits to Muslim and Christians clerics close to the system and use them to talk to people and insulting the protesters, and ask them to use verses and sayings that shall convince people not to participate.
– Sending official figures relatively acceptable to the internal opposition to deliver to them the acceptance of the political leadership to engage in dialogue with them. Of course some of them will accept immediately, and some of them would accept conditionally and some will reject, and this is useful in creating controversy and disagreement among them and showing them as a non-compatible mass and distancing them from influencing the protest movement.
– Responding to some Kurdish demands pertinent to nationalizing only. That is to be done in a way that does not change the situation in the state and society and not to sabotage the existing balances in the status quo. This response is to recruit them, as well as to exclude their orientation in the reception of hostile foreign forces if the protests increased over expectedly. North Eastern region is the only gap in this regard, while in the remaining areas, there is no possibility to accept this command.
– Issuing Syrian embassies abroad and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Syrian continuing assurances to American and European countries and reminding them of the possibility of exposing the stability on the Golan front in the case of extremists arrived and grabbed the lead.
– Controlling the Syrian embassy in all countries and their actions and behavior / the Ministry of Foreign Affairs is to act in this regard.
-When reporters are prevented from coverage, media depends on eye witnesses, and we expect that some will dare to contact media channels as eyewitnesses, so it falls on the security cell of information the responsibility of preparing some eyewitnesses of the professional elements of the security to talk with TV channels to testify with exaggerations and exposed gaps so that the issue of witnesses becomes a burnt paper.
– Assigning some members of the People’s Assembly to respond to the hostile and saboteurs, and direct them in how to respond.
– Assigning some of the characters in the organs of the state of the same areas of the protests to respond to the protesters and hostile.
– If the state of hostility becomes severe and difficult to ignore, it is necessary to transform mere hostility to just local and private demands.
– Sending convoys of vehicles carrying pictures of the President of the Republic, with the Syrian flag, by security agents, friends and children of officials to roam within cities, and to provide some of these cars beeps resembling ambulances to create awe in the hearts of passers-by and residents.
– Hosting some of the opponents on Syrian television, and talking with them courteously. This reduces their demands and the demands of turning it into simple requests for Mr. President, as this is useful in creating cracks in the hot-headed in the opposition.
– Issuing the Ministry of Education to strict instructions and warnings for schools and students about the use of Facebook and the Internet.
– Assigning some known artists and actors loyal to us to speak to the protesting masses or to respond to the dissidents and protesters, according to what we put to them.
Security element and field performance component:
– Show zero tolerance to touching the top symbol whatever the price is, because this would increase the capacity to overcome all the red lines.
– It is expected to the groupings of hostile protesters to be in overcrowded places in order to draw attention and in hope to encourage others to join, and here we have to besiege the place as much as possible and cover them and to introduce security agents in civilian clothes among the protesters to stir up controversy among them and to spoil the assembly, and if needed to arrest some of the active people.
– Mandating the Information Branch of the Department and the Scientific Research Center to collaborate with two mobile phone networks to monitor the seriousness of the telephone lines and mobiles of some of the provocative well-known and expected characters.
– Creating cases of calling and bringing the youth [to branches of security intelligence] to create dread and reluctance to participate within them, and arresting some of them and declaring a general mobilization of the army and the armed forces to fatigue the youth and activists.
– Fatigue opponents and symbols by lawsuits of all shapes and discredit them morally and religiously. We can use means that were previously prepared in this regard.
– Preventing influential figures in the Syrian opposition at home to travel under any circumstances.
– The branch of military security to carry out a strict monitoring of the army and the armed forces on the middle and senior leaders, especially Sunni leaders.
-In cases of clashes between the army and the protesters we must issue a clear seize-fire issue for the army, for that remains confined to elements of security and trained elements of the two battalions of confidentiality and black, and the use of snipers in the battalion in a non-exposed way to prevent specification of the source of fire, and to increase the flux there is nothing wrong in killing some of the elements and officers of the army, and this serves in catalyzing the army against the protesters.
– Any place of protests that goes out of control:
– to isolate of the place and surround the security forces and the army, and to cut off electricity and telecommunications and the Internet.
– to arrest some influential figures from this place, and in case of critical conditions to kill them.
-Use some of the smugglers, criminals and dumping the place with then and creating a state of chaos .
– The introduction of trained security agents in civilian clothing within the areas of ​​protest and attempting to convince the protesters to use weapons against military and security forces
-Access of the security forces and elements of the two battalions of confidentiality and black with snipers in campaigns during the protests, but shall not exceed the death toll of twenty at a time, because that makes it very exposed and may lead to the case of foreign intervention

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