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Eswatini Talks Agreed by all

Eswatini Home
Montigny Owned by Neal Rijkenberg the current Minister of Finance of Eswatini was burnt by angry Protesters

Dozens of people killed, businesses and government buildings destroyed, fear of life by police and citizens. Everyone now agrees the solution is to talk.

  1. With the Internet shut down only third-party information is leaking from the Kingdom of Eswatini. A normally peaceful country is dealing with a violent and murderous mob, and they may be foreign insurgents.
  2. A group of frustrated citizens, the acting Prime minister, and the international community are urging for a dialogue between all parties and the de-escalation of violence and criminal activities, like destroying businesses, looting, and killings.
  3. The King’s daughter confirmed in an interview on Focus Africa by the BBC, that she thinks the King is ready to listen.

There seems to be a legitimate and peaceful movement by protesters wanting a change in Eswatini. In the midst of these protesters are criminals wanting to steal, kill and destroy. Trying to de-escalate are police officers who also fear for their lives. To make it worse foreign political interests designed to encourage a conflict may work in the background.

As leaked to eTurboNews by high-ranking members of the government, and by a high-ranking member of an African Tourism Organization, it appears foreign insurgents had been active in Eswatini from the beginning of this conflict. Some of these foreign insurgents blocked roads, dressed in police uniform, and murdered citizens so police could be blamed. An associate of eTurboNews who fled Eswatini earlier this week, witnessed such horrible activities when he had to take side roads trying to reach the Eswatini- South African border.

According to an eTurboNews report, one driving force in this conflict seems to be related to Eswatini’s loyalty and the kingdom maintaining diplomatic relations with the Republic of China, known as Taiwan. It has been angering the Peoples’ Republic of China for years. Eswatini is the only African country with a Taiwanese Embassy.

The U.S. Embassy had been prominently seen to support activities with Taiwan and Eswatini.

BBC Focus Africa interview with the King’s daughter

While legitimate peaceful protests should be allowed, the situation escalated and became a life-and-death reality for everyone, the protesters, the government, and the rest of the Eswatini people.

eTurboNews heard from an Eswatini police officer. She feared for her life and the life of her family every minute. According to news reports, Eswatini citizens fear the police equally. It’s time to talk.

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