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Election Results unofficial after the People of Zambia voted

Voting in Zambia
Voting in Zambia

Zambia voted: According to non- confirmed results Mr Hichilema is currently in poll position with 64.9% of the vote, followed by President Edgar Lungu on 33.1%. They are trailed by Democratic candidate Harry Kalaba (0.4%) and Fred M’membe of the Socialist Party (0.3%).

The current Zambian President Edgar Lungu is seeking re-election.
His opponent is Hakainde Hichilema, a well known business executive in Zambia.

  1. Communication platforms, like SKYPE or WhatsApp, Facebook or Twitter remain shut off in portions of Zambia at this time, however some regions seems to be online again according to eTurboNews inbound internet traffic statistics.
  2. First inofficial counts are coming in from various regions, however voices of fair and unfair results post to Zambia social media chats.
  3. Final vote counting is currently underway at different polling stations across the country. “Kindly verify your sources when sharing electoral information about the 2021 elections to avoid spreading false and misleading information.” is a post by the Christian Churches Monitoring Group.

African Elections are Decided in Rural areas and Contested in Cities. This is the comment by Dr. Walter Mzembi, former minister of Tourism in Zimbabwe and Executive member of the African Tourism Board. He calls his words: Mzembi electoral logic!

Last night he tweeted: “Waiting for the results in Zambia – chants of ” We Want Change !” – am I hearing correctly? Or it is my waxed ears? Extraordinary indeed!

Most unofficial counts are predicting a change of government in Zambia at this time.

The Zambia President is elected via the two-round system. Of the 167 members of the National Assembly, 156 are elected by the first-past-the-post system in single-member constituencies. A further eight are appointed by the President and three others being ex officio members: the vice president, the Speaker, and one deputy speaker elected from outside the National Assembly. The second deputy speaker is chosen from the elected members of the house.

The voting age in Zambia is 18, whilst National Assembly candidates must be at least 21.

On 28 July UPND Secretary General Batuke Imenda released a statement that the party was disappointed with government institutions being used by President Lungu to block UPND presidential candidate Hakainde Hichilema from campaigning.

 On 30 July Hichilema and his campaign team were prevented from entering Chipata and detained on the runway of Chipata Airport. Before Hichilema’s arrival in Chipata, police had teargassed his supporters.  On 3 August police in Mbala blocked Hichilema and his campaign team from entering the town, with police claiming that he needed a permit to enter.

Ziva is a non-governmental organization, which advocates & promotes the rights of voters demands from Zambia to unblock the internet saying: “An election process belongs to the Electorate/voters. #UnblockTheInternet Why block the internet? Lack of transparency compromises this election outcome.

Higher voter turnouts typically aren’t a good sign for incumbents, and the voters turnout was high according to local reports.

I’m so proud of Zambians because we have SHOWN UP

Line of voters in Zambia yesterday

The mood in Zambia is uncompromisingly robust against any attempt to rig the election. This car was found carrying election ballots allegedly for rigging. The voters left their queues to deal with the matter in a way that doesn’t need any explanation.

A message from Zambia says:
Good morning Zambia! Data coming in is very positive and the will of the people is clear. But be alert – when an outgoing regime panics, it can resort to desperate measures. So stay calm and focused. We will protect our vote with peace and love in our hearts. Change is HERE.

An urgent message from Zambia says We call on ZICTA to immediately unblock the internet so citizens can follow the electoral process and continue with their lives unhindered. It’s a shame that even the PF who ordered the shutdown is issuing unbridled statements through VPN.

Zambia earlier mourned its singing Founding President Kenneth Kaunda: Peace, Tourism, Climate Change was his song.

More on the Zambia election click here.

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