Egypt’s Oldest Jewish Ben Ezra Synagogue Reopened

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Egypt’s oldest Jewish synagogue, Ben Ezra Synagogue, has reopened after undergoing restoration work – said a statement from Egypt’s Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities.

Named after Jewish scholar and philosopher Abraham Ben Ezra, the synagogue dates back to the 12th century and was rebuilt in the 1890s. Adding the restoration is part of a national project for rehabilitating Historic Cairo.

The Ben Ezra Synagogue was once a hub for Jewish celebrations, gatherings, and prayers in Egypt. However, it later transformed into a tourist attraction. This change occurred after the majority of the Jewish community left in the 1950s.

The statement also mentioned that the restoration efforts involved detailed architectural work on the walls and ceiling, along with the upkeep of the lighting system.

Ben Ezra Synagogue is also sometimes referred to as the El-Geniza Synagogue or the Synagogue of the Levantines

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