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Ecuadorians Being Deported Back from America

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So far in 2023, around 13,000 Ecuadorians have been deported from the United States. This information comes from the Ecuadorian Undersecretary of Migration, which is part of the Ministry of Government.

Ecuadorians are being flown into the country every week on flights funded by the US government under President Joe Biden. The cost for housing, detaining, and deporting each undocumented individual exceeds $11,000, with some individuals remaining detained in the US for up to four months.

In January and August 2022, 1,326 Ecuadorians were deported by Washington. However, in 2023, the number has already reached 12,959.

Upon arrival in Ecuador, Migration personnel receive the citizens, conduct reviews, and refer them to other government departments.

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Binayak - based in Kathmandu - is an editor and author writing for eTurboNews.

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