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Duesseldorf HELAU! Fools out in mass to celebrate life!

Carneval Dusseldorf

Record Corona Virus numbers did not stop the people in Duesseldorf, Germany to celebrate life, what means to celebrate the begin of Carnival today.

  • The Hoppeditz has awakened in Duesseldorf, but not so much in Cologne!
  • In Duesselorf, the German City on the Rhine River, Kick-off happened today Nov 11, 2021 at 11:11 am for the Carnival Session 2021/2022
  • Carnival is about fools. And they came together in front of the Duesseldorf City Hall

The time without carnival in Duesseldorf is over.

The Hoppeditz has awakened. Punctually at 11.11. at 11.11 o’clock he crawled out of his mustard pot and read the foolish Levites to the city authorities. Lord Mayor Dr. Stephan Keller replied with a short speech from the balcony, after which he came down to Hoppeditz Tom Bauer on the market square.

For the time being, numerous carnival friends were not able to follow the eagerly awaited annual event virtually, as they did last year, but again in person on site.

Thousands took advantage of this opportunity and celebrated together with the start of the session.

Carnival in Duesseldorf has a slogan:

“We celebrate life”.

Following the Hoppeditz speech, the Committee Düsseldorfer Carnival presented a new carnival hit on the open-air stage in front of the city hall.

Among others, the Swinging Funfares and the KG Regenbogen, who performed the motto song, Alt Schuss, Kokolores, De Fetzter and many more were there.

In the session, the fools of the state capital will be led by Prince Dirk II (Dr. Dirk Mecklenbrauck) and Venetia Uåsa (Uåsa Katharina Maisch).

On November 13, the smallest Jecken celebrate the children’s mopeditz awakening on the Burgplatz on the Ferris wheel. Ten-year-old Niklas Wesche from the Rheinische Garde Blau-Weiss will celebrate his premiere as a children’s mopeditz.

The selection of the princely couple will take place on 19 November in the Stadthalle. From Altweiber with the Rathaussturm on 24 February 2022, the session will enter the hot phase. The highlight is the Rose Monday procession on 28 February 2022.

Unfortunately in nearby Cologne, the city where Carnival is in everyone’s gene, the prince was sick with the Corona Virus.

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