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Duesseldorf and Cologne, Germany canceled Carnival parade: Let us pray!

Duesseldorf and Cologne, Germany canceled Carnival parade: Let us pray!
dusseldorf carnival

In these two cities on the River Rhine, the biggest and most popular local and tourism event is Carnival. In Germany, the cities Cologne and Duesseldorf have been competing who has the best celebration.

Everyone is singing Carnivals songs and hoards of people meet in bars and at events.

Sunday was the day with the second-largest parade in both cities with hundreds of thousands of people on the streets drinking Alt Bier in Duesseldorf or Koelsch Beer in Cologne.

In Cologne ten thousand yell “Alaaf”, in Duesseldorf, the greeting is “Helau.”
Its the funniest event where everyone talks to everyone and simply forget the rest of their problems.

Sunday was the day for fun, and the parade was canceled in both cities.

Originally, the event had been planned to move forward a few hours and the route was shortened, but gale-force winds and strong rainfall struck the western German state of North Rhine-Westphalia on Sunday morning, forcing its cancellation in both cities.

In Venice the cancellation was Coronavirus, in Germany, it was a bad hurricane type wind. Some say if this was a message from God to avoid more long term problems conducting an international mass event during the Coronavirus threat.

In Germany, there are only 16 cases of the virus and no death. The goal must be to keep it like this.

Monday, today is the largest parade called “Rosenmontagszug” (Rose Monday Parade). The parade is scheduled as planned for 10.30 am in Cologne and 12.15 in Duesseldorf.

Lets party and pray for everyone. It can only be hoped Coronavirus will stay away.

In 2016 authorities almost canceled the Monday parade. Read the eTurboNews article here.

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