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Don’t risk your life in Kenya- come to Zimbabwe for a safe holiday

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Who is @zanu_pf on Twitter?

Who is @zanu_pf on Twitter? Many in Kenya think it’s the Zimbabwen Tourism Board with an obviously highly unethical tourism promotion on twitter and a call to the public to retweet these messages containing a smear campaign against Kenya Tourism.

Kenyan government officials and tourism industry representatives are said to be in a pensive mood over twitter comments allegedly made on Zimbabwe’s ruling party twitter handle. Kenya is reportedly seeking an official clarification from Zimbabwe, should the account be found to belong to ZANU PF while initial comments, all made off the record, speak of frustration, as Kenya stood by Zimbabwe during the times of full boycott and denounced actions by Western countries at the time aimed to prevent tourists from going to that country.

‘You cannot be entirely sure who this twitter account belongs to but from an initial look it can well be official. If it is the tweets about Kenya are unacceptable and if it is not an official account, like a parody account, it still is not ok to make such comments about our country. We supported Zimbabwe when they were the Western world’s outcasts and would expect no less now that Kenya is going through a tough period. We shall get to the bottom of this and will act according to verified findings’ commented a Nairobi based source yesterday when confronted with several tweets shown below.

Several Kenyan airlines are represented at the current Routes Africa meeting in Victoria Falls and will no doubt also try to find out what Zimbabwe’s official position is in regard of such negativity.

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