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Don’t leave home without it- Your Chase Card!

Chase Card

Don’t leave home without your American Express card was a year long slogan. This may now be replaced by Chase.

What’s in your wallet? A Chase card may be the logical choice soon if you plan to travel. When it comes to the latest ambition about to be announced by JP Morgan Chase. Chase would love to encourage you to leave your American Express card behind.

Chase customers carrying the Chase Saphire Reserve Credit card always had a clear advantage in benefits over the American Express Platinum card.

These are advantages of travel awards, especially with other prime partners Chase has. Chase also issues credit cards for United Airlines, Hyatt Hotels and Resorts, Marriott Hotels and Resorts, and several more.

Chase Reserve holders receive 3 points or more for travel-related charges, including restaurant visits. They are able to transfer such points freely to Mileage Plus (United), World of Hyatt, or Bonvoy.

AMEX card holders participating in the reward program can also transfer points to airline partners, such as Delta or SAUDIA.

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Chase comes with the best insurance program credit card companies offer. Noticeably the rental car insurance by Chase acts as primary insurance. In case of a claim, the private car insurance would remain untouched. This is a huge advantage since any claim through your regular car insurance may be subject to an increase in case of an accident.

AMEX car insurance is secondary and only pays what your insurance does not cover.

American Express Platinum cardholders have access to the best airline lounges, but only a few airports have an American Express Lounge. AMEX Platinum cardholders have access to the Priority Pass network of hundreds of lounges worldwide.

Chase members also had access to all Priority Pass lounges but with even more generous benefits than American Express.

Now Chase will also open its own lounges at selected airports, competing directly with American Express premium cards.

American Express Travel Related Services has been an in-house travel agency, a proud advantage American Express Card holders enjoyed. Chase will now compete big time.

JP Morgan Chase is building what some media call a giant travel agency network. This has been developing in the last 18 months, and Chase wants to do it bigger and better than American Express.

Chase purchased a reservation system, a restaurant evaluation company, and a luxurious travel agency. A brand new website will launch within the coming months.

Travel Service providers told eTurboNews: “Also sounds like they are going to beat down vendors for bigger discounts.”

Travel has changed into some of the vital spending classes for banks and bank card issuers, and JPMorgan is ready to get a much bigger piece of it.

Speculation estimates the JP Morgan Chase travel company may become the third-largest travel company in the United States. Expedia will remain to have the size lead.

Chase is not stopping with travel only. Purchasing cars and homes are in for a new step up in future business for this banking giant.

The world of travel distribution in America is changing.

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