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Disney Parks ticket prices will double by 2031

Disney Parks ticket prices will double by 2031
Disney Parks ticket prices will double by 2031
Written by Harry Johnson

Experts predict up to 104% increase in Disney Parks ticket prices in next 10 years

New research reveals the predicted cost of going to global Disney Parks in 2031.

The research looked at the original cost of a ticket in each Disney Resort when it first opened and compared that against current prices to be able to predict the cost of a ticket to each resort in ten years’ time.

Future Cost of Disney Parks:

RankVenueOpening price (USD)Current Price (USD)Predicted 2031 Price (USD)% Increase Opening to 2031
1Disneyland Resort, California$2.50$124.00$223.968858.40%
2Walt Disney World, Florida$3.50$124.00$253.207134.29%
Disneyland Paris
4Hong Kong Disneyland Resort$45$82.21$119.71165.87%
5Tokyo Disney Resort$39$74.96$89.42132.90%
6Shanghai Disney Resort$57$60.91$70.8325.40%

Walt Disney World Resort in Florida is projected to be the most expensive Disney destination, costing $253 per adult ticket in 2031. This is an increase of 7134% since the park first opened 50 years ago.

China’s Shanghai Disney Resort is currently the most affordable of the group and is set to retain that title with prices only projected to rise 25% by 2031.

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It’s always interesting to see how prices increase over time. It’s hard to imagine the price of an adult ticket to Disneyland California was just $2.50 in 1955. It’s $124 today, and if trends continue, an equivalent ticket would cost a hefty $222 in ten years time. Industry experts are predicting similar increases in the other Disney parks, although at different rates. The Asian parks, in Hong Kong, Shanghai, and Tokyo, will likely remain more affordable.

Despite the steep increase in price, millions of families continue to travel to the parks each year and pay a premium to experience that Disney magic. There was a steady rise in bookings to the Orlando area in particular — evidence that Disney’s trademark fun and R&R continues to be a lure, especially for families planning their post-pandemic “comeback” vacations.

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