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Did a Bomb just wash up at Kahala Tourist Beach in Hawaii?

Kahala Beach

A mysterious metal cylinder just washed up on the shore of Kahala Beach in Hawaii. The cylnder looks aged.

Kahala Beah is a favorite scene for weddings. This white sandy and mostly not very crowded beach are in the most upscale neighborhood on the Hawaiian Island of Oahu 15 minute drive from Waikiki and close to the famous 5-Star Kahala Resort.

This usually quiet beach may very well become the center of national or international attention.

An unidentified object resembling the look of a bomb was washed up at the beach yesterday and is currently sitting in the warm Hawaiian Sun.

Hawaii’s second largest industry is the US Military. Perhaps this is nothing. Hawaii is also the center of military exercises and spy activities from not-so-friendly nations, including Russia and China.

Two thousand five hundred miles away from any continent, Hawaii remains the most remote island group in the world and, of course, the most remote US-State.

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Authorities are informed and are expected to investigate shortly. As of this time, Honolulu lifeguards and police did not restrict access to the beach.

Beachgoers tweeted: “What do you guys think it is ??”

This is a developing story, and if necessary, eTurboNews will update.

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