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Destination news: Romania presents new brand at World Expo in Shanghai

new logo-romania
new logo-romania
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(eTN) – During the “Day of Romania,” celebrated at the World Expo in Shanghai, Elena Udrea, Romania’s Minister for Regional Development and Tourism, officially launched the new logo and brand th

(eTN) – During the “Day of Romania,” celebrated at the World Expo in Shanghai, Elena Udrea, Romania’s Minister for Regional Development and Tourism, officially launched the new logo and brand that will promote Romania as a tourist destination in the coming years. The event was attended by Teodor Baconschi, foreign minister and leading figure in the sport of Romania; Nadia Comaneci; Ilie Nastase; and Gheorghe Hagi.

The characteristics of the new brand have been highlighted through the recital of the master Gheorghe Zamfir. The audience at the event had the opportunity to view the new promotional video of the destination and received souvenirs of the new brand, given out by the Romanian organizers.

The new promotional logo of Romania is innovative, exciting, and inspired by one of the strongest symbols of the Romanian people, taking into account the new global trends toward nature protection and preservation for the future generations. The logo shows the words, “Explore the Carpathian Garden” below a fresh, modern, green “Romania.”

The goal of the new tourism brand is to create a positive image of Romania, projecting it more strongly as an attractive tourist destination, which it is foreseen will indirectly help to attract more investors to grow business tourism.

The design and development of Romania’s tourist brand is financed by European funds, of which 75 million euro has been allocated for the campaign, which lasts to the end of 2013.

Following the presentation of the new brand, along with using data collected from research carried out in major markets, a campaign to communicate and promote Romania as a tourist destination will go forward. The district of Maramures in Romania, the Italian Romania Tourist Office, has began to deliver information on innovations for the benefit of tourists:

– Beginning in August, lovers of winter sports will be able to ski despite temperatures such as 30 degrees. This is thanks to the recently inaugurated first artificial ski run of Romania (the 21st in the world). This ski run is located in Cavnic on Gutai over 1,000 feet high in the recreational area of Roata.

– The area of Maramures is becoming more attractive and interesting for tourists. In Poienile Botizei, an area with breathtaking scenery in the heart of Mount Tibles and a green region of Maramures, experts have discovered a spring of mineral water with alleged healing properties that emits a fountain of water every 7 minutes.

– After the success of last year, this year marked the reopening of the Centre for Tourism Promotion (CPT) of Gara de Nord (located in the Bucharest Railway Station at Boulevard Garii 2), Bucharest is increasingly prepared to welcome its visitors tourists with the opening of a second CPT . This second center is located in the University area (Pasajul Universitatii) – a strategic central point which attracts many tourists for its architecture, sites, and monuments, not to mention shopping and countless housing and catering opportunities. The CPT project was conceived and developed by the City of Bucharest, which completed the process of promoting the city by putting in a central panel touch-screen with tourism information for travelers.

– A toll-free number – 0 800 826787- is available to citizens and tourists who may offer their dissatisfactions regarding services offered by hotels, farm holidays, restaurants, shops, and other facilities belonging to the accommodation sector. The same number may used to report any cases of corruption. This measure meets the strategies for improving the services dedicated to the citizens and tourists visiting the country.

– In the historical center of the medieval town of Medias, renovations have started on the walls surrounding the city and the refurbishing of four medieval towers (Forkesch; Fierarilor – blacksmiths; Rotarilor – manufacturers of different types of wheels; and mangled Pietruite – a paved road). The tallest tower in the city reaches almost 70 m and is known as the Tower of Trumpeters – the tower where Vlad Tepes (Dracula) was imprisoned for a few days in the 1400s on his journey into exile. The renovations will be made by European and national funds.

– In September, the project “Art for Art” will be launched in order to improve the cultural and artistic environment in Romania. The project was conceived by “X Future” in cooperation with the Ministry of Culture, Ministry of Education, Ministry of Regional Development and Tourism, and the support of public and private partners. The project targets young artists to reveal their talents.

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