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Destination Marketing Organizations in Ukraine New Role in a War

The role of the DMO during hostilities in Ukraine has changed.

World Tourism Network Hero and organizer of SCREAM for Ukraine by WTN, Ivan Liptuga, Ukraine explained:

Few of us lived or worked in circumstances of a real war. There are no textbooks or guidelines on what should tourism sector do during the real war because tourism is by default the opposite of war.

Everyone knows that there is no tourism where it is not safe. However, at the same time, in Ukraine, we see now what important role a Destination Management Organization or a business networking of tourism organizations are now playing.

Destination Management Organization (DMO) transforms into Civil Defense Management Organization (CDMO)

In fact, the so-called DMO model 4C:

Communication, Coordination, Cooperation, and Collaboration

can be quickly repurposed to perform tasks that are relevant for each destination, namely:

  • Networking. Local business coordination to provide food, provisions, medicines, equipment and everything necessary for numerous territorial defense units, which are formed from ordinary citizens. Fundraising, purchase and cooking of products, purchase of medicines, equipment, coordination of volunteers, provision of both internal and external logistics for the delivery of humanitarian cargo.
  • Tour operating for refugees. Assistance and organization of the evacuation of civilians to more peaceful regions or other countries. Communication with foreign partners to organize transport and help in securing accommodation for refugees in neighboring countries. Consultations on the current state of border crossing points.
  • Crisis marketing. Marketing communications channels are turning into channels of informing the whole world about what is happening in order to attract maximum attention, as well as a reaction in the form of informational, economic and social pressure on the aggressor.

This is what we see and what we actually do now in every region of Ukraine, Ivan told eTurboNews.

The World Tourism Network yesterday started its SCREAM for Ukraine Campaign.

For more information on how to get involved go to

  • The National Tourism Organization of Ukraine started a fund. Click here to contribute.
  • To support the World Tourism Network SCREAM for Ukraine Initiative click here.

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