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Daylight robbery: Rome tourists charged €81 for two burgers and three coffees


Many tourists will certainly steer clear from Vaticano cafe in Rome after a photograph, showing two tourists’ bill totaling more than €80 for two burgers and three coffees, was plastered all over the Internet.

The receipt showed that food for two at the Vaticano cafe, near the Vatican, was €81.40. Social media users literally slammed the restaurant for its “exorbitant prices,” which included €25 for a burger and €8 for a cappuccino. Emma Cheppi, who shared a photo of the check on Facebook, warned other tourists to avoid this establishment. “Visitors to Rome, beware!!!” – she wrote.

Just walk by and find another place to eat near the Vatican. There are a lot of them. This same restaurant has no prices listed on the menu. The complaint is shared by hundreds of visitors, one of whom said: “the food was mediocre, and the prices were double, if not three times higher than those that you pay in other establishments of Rome.” Others described their experience in the restaurant as “broad daylight robbery.”

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