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Corona Negatives Party with Corona Positives and Love the Outcome

South Tyrol is a small German speaking province in Northern Italy. The mountain region is bordering on Austria. South Tyrol is also a known ski region for tourists from around Europe.

A South Tyrolian is known to be a very independent thinker and it may now become not only funny but life-threatening. German-speaking Italians are ready to do anything to escape COVID-19 vaccination, including going out of their way to get sick with the virus.

South Tyrolian opposed to the vaccine are now promoting corona parties. They invite a number of infected guests to join, have fun, and with the only purpose to get infected.

It is a planned contamination scheme to get the Green Pass in Italy. The Green Pass is given to vaccinated people and to those that recovered from Coronavirus.

With a green pass, holders are allowed again to visit restaurants, travel, and enjoy a less restricted life during the pandemic. Recovered people are not expected to get vaccinated.

This is a Russian roulette-type game. A 55-year-old Tyrolian died in Austria after getting infected at such a party. According to a report in the Corriere Della Sera, three other people, including a child were hospitalized, two of them in intensive care.

The newly contaminated are expected to spread the deadly virus to others. Also an unsuspected tourist ended up in a hospital with Coronavirus.

For Arno Kompatscher, governor of the Italian region, these “ corona parties ” are “ criminal acts ”.

The parties are also known for “Health Rebellion.”

A party participant told an Italian news-paper:

“ We meet to drink beers at the house of someone with a positive host for Covid-19. The objective is to infect yourself because you are sure that you will heal quickly and you will be able to obtain the Green Pass. This ” green ” health pass is a certificate that allows vaccinated people to access bars and restaurants in Italy. Since October 15, it is also compulsory in the workplace.”

This German-speaking Italian Province has a high incidence rate and a low vaccination rate compared to the rest of Italy. 9,800 new contaminations are recorded on average every day here in a region with only 500,000 residents. The vaccination rate is 78.4%, below the national average.

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