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Coping with Lingering Pandemic Stress

, Coping with Lingering Pandemic Stress, eTurboNews | eTN
Written by Linda Hohnholz

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Mask mandates are disappearing and some people have resumed traveling for pleasure. But even so, lingering pandemic anxiety goes on for substantial numbers of people who lost relatives and loved ones, lost jobs, are immunocompromised or whose livelihoods continue to be adversely impacted by the remnants of the pandemic. It was with those people in mind that D. Terrence Foster, M.D., a board-certified 25-year practitioner of medicine that centers on people with high levels of stress, wrote The Stress Book: 40-Plus Ways to Manage Stress & Enjoy Your Life (Global Health Consortium).

The idea for the book — winner of a 2022 Independent Press Award in non-fiction, self-help and a 2021-2022 Reader Views Literary Award in non-fiction, self-help — came to Foster at the beginning of the pandemic after a YouTube video he posted drew a robust response. In the book he writes: “The need for this book is, without a doubt, clearly significant. We all experience stress. However, the nature of stress is complex. Understanding it requires not just experiencing stress but also having a more in-depth insight into stress and its impact on each person and society as a whole.”

Foster also drew on his life as a busy physician who treats patients with chronic stress while simultaneously handling his own stresses that come with being the chief medical officer of a licensed pain clinic. He is also on the boards of directors of several nonprofits, the CEO of his own foundation and a parent.

In an interview, Foster can answer such questions as:

•             What are some of the more than 40 actions people can take to ease their post-pandemic stress?

•             What is involved in creating a stress action plan?

•             Can you explain the new S.T.R.E.S.S. acronym that anyone can use to reduce stress?

•             What new mental disorder or diagnosis did yon coin with this book?

Praise for The Stress Book

“Foster delivers the perfect book for our stressful times. I like the comprehensive approach he gives his readers, with many takeaways and actionable tips.” — Tammy Ruggles, reviewer, Reader Views

“The Stress Book: 40-Plus Ways to Manage Stress is a must-read for anyone who is undergoing stress on a daily basis or believes they are in a state of imbalance and hopelessness due to stress-related issues of life. In over 35 years of practicing as a mental health therapist, rarely have I had the pleasure of reading a book that addresses stress in such a compelling, thought-provoking manner as has been masterfully presented by Dr. D. Terrence Foster; one which appeals to the total person — mind, body, and soul.” — Maxwell Sears, Cayla Counseling Services, Inc.

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