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Copa Holdings net profit drops from $89.4 million to $19.8 million

 Copa Holdings, S.A., today announced financial results for the first quarter of 2022 (1Q22).

  • Copa Holdings reported a net profit of US$19.8 million for the quarter or US$0.47 per share, as compared to a net profit of US$89.4 million or earnings per share of US$2.11 in 1Q19. Excluding special items, the Company would have reported a net profit of US$29.5 million or US$0.70 per share. Special items for the quarter amount to US$9.7 million, comprised of unrealized mark-to-market losses related to the Company’s convertible notes as well as changes in the value of financial investments.
  • Copa Holdings reported an operating profit of US$44.8 million for the quarter and a 7.8% operating margin, compared to an operating profit of US$112.9 million in 1Q19.
  • Total revenues for 1Q22 came in at US$571.6 million, reaching 85.0% of 1Q19 revenues. Passenger revenue for 1Q22 was 83.4% of 1Q19 levels, while cargo revenue was 40.6% higher than 1Q19. Revenue per Available Seat Mile (RASM) came in at 10.2 cents, or 3.0% lower than 1Q19.
  • Operating cost per available seat mile excluding fuel (Ex-fuel CASM) decreased 1.6% in the quarter vs. 1Q19 to 6.0 cents.
  • Capacity for 1Q22, measured in terms of available seat miles (ASMs), was 87.6% of the capacity flown in 1Q19.
  • The Company ended the quarter with approximately US$1.2 billion in cash, short-term and long-term investments, which represents 65% of the last twelve months’ revenues.
  • The Company closed the quarter with total debt, including lease liabilities, of US$1.6 billion.
  • During the quarter, the Company took delivery of 2 Boeing 737 MAX 9 aircraft.
  • Including 3 Boeing 737-700 aircraft currently in temporary storage and one Boeing 737-800 freighter, Copa Holdings ended the quarter with a consolidated fleet of 93 aircraft – 68 Boeing 737-800s, 16 Boeing 737 MAX 9s, and 9 Boeing 737-700s, compared to a fleet of 102 aircraft prior to the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • Copa Airlines had an on-time performance for the quarter of 91.3% and a flight completion factor of 99.3%, once again positioning the airline among the best in the industry.
  • During the quarter, the Company announced two new destinations starting in June 2022 — Santa Marta in Colombia and Barcelona in Venezuela.
Consolidated Financial

& Operating Highlights
1Q221Q19 (3)Variance vs. 1Q194Q21Variance vs. 3Q21
Revenue Passengers Carried (000s)2,2852,588-11.7%2,2143.2%
Revenue Passengers OnBoard (000s)3,4763,830-9.2%3,3693.2%
RPMs (millions) 4,5855,345-14.2%4,2657.5%
ASMs (millions) 5,6236,415-12.4%5,10910.1%
Load Factor 81.5%83.3%-1.8 p.p.83.5%-1.9 p.p.
Yield (US$ Cents) 11.812.1-2.7%12.7-6.9%
PRASM (US$ Cents) 9.610.1-4.8%10.6-9.0%
RASM (US$ Cents) 10.210.5-3.0%11.3-9.7%
CASM (US$ Cents)
Adjusted CASM (US$ Cents) (1)
CASM Excl. Fuel (US$ Cents) 6.06.1-1.6%5.215.2%
Adjusted CASM Excl. Fuel (US$ Cents) (1)6.06.1-1.6%6.1-1.7%
Fuel Gallons Consumed (millions) 66.581.2-18.1%61.09.1%
Avg. Price Per Fuel Gallon (US$)2.872.0937.4%2.4318.0%
Average Length of Haul (miles)2,0072,065-2.8%1,9264.2%
Average Stage Length (miles)1,2981,2990.0%1,2543.5%
Block Hours88,474110,089-19.6%80,7109.6%
Average Aircraft Utilization (hours) (2)11.111.6-4.5%11.3-1.9%
Operating Revenues (US$ millions) 571.6672.2-15.0%575.0-0.6%
Operating Profit (Loss) (US$ millions)44.8112.9-60.3%161.3-72.2%
Adjusted Operating Profit (Loss) (US$ millions) (1)44.8112.9-60.3%115.8-61.3%
Operating Margin 7.8%16.8%-9.0 p.p.28.1%-20.2 p.p.
Adjusted Operating Margin (1)7.8%16.8%-9.0 p.p.20.1%-12.3 p.p.
Net Profit (Loss) (US$ millions)19.889.4-77.9%118.3-83.3%
Adjusted Net Profit (Loss) (US$ millions) (1)29.589.4-67.0%81.7-63.9%
Basic EPS (US$)0.472.11-77.7%2.78-83.1%
Adjusted Basic EPS (US$) (1)0.702.11-66.7%1.92-63.4%
Shares  for calculation of Basic EPS (000s) 42,00642,478-1.1%42,533-1.2%

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