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Coolest, strangest, most interesting places to spend your Bitcoin during world travel


A bus ride in Brazil? Undies from down under? College tuition in Cyprus? How will you spend your Bitcoin? Between the booms and the busts, Bitcoin continues to rise in popularity. While it started as a work-around for purchasing questionable materials online, Bitcoin has now gone mainstream both as an investment strategy and a currency.

But where can you spend that currency? Travel experts found some of the coolest, strangest, and most interesting places to legally spend your Bitcoin around the world. As it turns out, you can fund a whole vacation in Bali, reserve some pretty sweet accommodations in Jamaica, and book a luxury safari in Africa, all using Bitcoin.

The experts searched for interesting places to spend your Bitcoin across the vast and diverse continent of Africa, but most of the places they found happened to be in South Africa. We also found one in Kenya. At the places they found, Bitcoin can help you practice your aim and fill your belly. One place even lets you do both—and bring your dog.

As you might expect from the world’s largest continent, the variety of things you can buy with Bitcoin in Asia is mindboggling.

While Australia is full of interesting places to go and things to see, not a lot of them accept Bitcoin. The most interesting places to spend Bitcoin in Australia seem to be concentrated in Melbourne, but a couple of places in New South Wales also made the list.

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Education, art, food, and beverages highlight the best uses for Bitcoin in Europe.

In North America, Bitcoin can get you anything from fried chicken to a stay at a luxury villa—but not in the countries you may be expecting.

Most of the cool places we found to spend Bitcoin in South America were in Brazil and Argentina. They also happened to be related to travel, at least in name.

A few highlights for travelers…

– If you’re looking for an upscale gentlemen’s club where you can pay for a lap dance with Bitcoin, you’re looking for The Legends Room. It brings a whole new definition to the term “strip-mining.”

– The White Dog Taproom in Magaliesburg, South Africa is a dog-friendly restaurant and driving range that accepts Bitcoin. Travelers can pack three weekends’ worth of activities into one Saturday without carrying any cash.

– Indonesia started an initiative to broaden the acceptance of Bitcoin throughout the country, including an island vacation in Bali.

– Ashworth Africa allows patrons to book a luxury safari in Cape Town, South Africa using Bitcoin.

– The Island Villas is a luxury Jamaican resort bringing coins back to the Caribbean economy, but this time it’s Bitcoin instead of Aztec gold.

– Bitcoin can get you gourmet lollipops from Lollyphile in Austin, Texas. Be sure to try one of the more adventurous flavors, like Merlot, Sriracha, or Blue Cheese.

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