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Computer glitch shuts down Swiss airspace

Computer glitch shuts down Swiss airspace
Computer glitch shuts down Swiss airspace
Written by Harry Johnson

Switzerland’s major airports in Zurich and Geneva were paralyzed today, halting all landings and takeoffs after the air traffic control service Skyguide grounded all flights early on Wednesday morning.

According to Skyguide spokesperson, several Switzerland-bound passenger flights had to be rerouted to other countries, with flights from Dubai and Johannesburg forced to land in Milan, Italy.

Numerous flights were canceled due to computer problem, with passengers being instructed to wait for information from their airlines.

Swiss airspace remained closed for several hours today for safety reasons until Skyguide announced that the aircraft grounding was a result of a computer glitch in its system.

Zurich and Geneva airports announced a resumption of normal air traffic operations at 8:30am local time (0630 GMT).

In a statement issued later in the day, Skyguide said: “the technical malfunction… has been resolved,” without providing any details though about what the initial problem was and what caused it.

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