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Clean Air in Hotel Rooms: How and Why

Alan Wozniak of Pure Air talks about clean air in hotel rooms

In a World Tourism Network (WTN) event, Alan Wozniak of Pure Air, Juergen Steinmetz, and Dr. Peter Tarlow talk about the importance of clean air in hotel rooms especially during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Dr. Tarlow opened the discussion saying that the whole issue of pure air in hotel rooms, conference centers, or wherever people gather is an essential part of tourism security. He said: “We tend to take this for granted, but without pure air, people tend to get sick, they can’t breathe, and ultimately they don’t want to come back. We see the issue of clean air in airplanes where they are talking about new filter systems. Pure air is an essential building block of life – pure food, pure water, pure air.”

Peter introduced Alan Wozniak of Pure Air to shed light on the science behind the need for pure air which led to an timely discussion about the interaction between tourism and breathable healthy air.

Alan started the air quality discussion saying that Honeywell conducted a global study on workers’ perceptions and feelings on health and safety of their workplace which includes hotels, airports, and buildings. He said: “The survey findings showed a staggering 71 percent majority of the US workforce does not feel completely safe in their employers’ buildings. An even higher 82 percent who are currently working remotely, would look for a new job if they had to, rather than accept a job where they would have to work in a building that may not provide quality pure air. With people due to go back to the work force, this information is critical.”

Listen to this vital discussion about environmental safety, making buildings safe during the coronavirus, and air purification technology as it relates to hotels and resorts as well as consumer confidence.

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