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CIA Leaked New Russian Plan to Invade Ukraine on Wednesday


The CIA website says: We accomplish what others cannot accomplish and go where others cannot go.
Media in the United States , Israel and Britain had repeatetly warned about an imminent ppossible Russian attack on Ukraine.
As a result Americans, Israeli and British Citizens currently in Ukraine had been urged to leave.

According to a report just published by the German political magazine “Der Spiegel” the US Central Intelligence Agency CIA together with the U.S. Military had informed the German Federal Government today about new information in regards to the Russian Ukrainian Conflict.

According to a detailed report apparently shared with the German Government and German Intelligence officials, the CIA expects a Russian invasion of Ukraine on Wednesday, February 16.

US and British media predict a possible attack anytime.

According to anonymous German government sources “Der Spiegel” claimed the CIA and US Diplomates shared many details including routes the Red Army may take to invade.

The German government in Berlin did not confirm details. It was however leaked to “Der Spiegel”, that the US presentation was very detailed with numerous confirmed sources.

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German intelligence sources would not deny such information may have been leaked on purpose to undermine any real Russian plan.

According to Russian-controlled RT Media, such information is nonsense, and Russia had no plans to invade Ukraine.

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