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Chorus Aviation Inc. elects new Board of Directors

Chorus Aviation Inc. elects new Board of Directors
Chorus Aviation Inc. elects new Board of Directors
Written by Harry Johnson

Chorus Aviation Inc. announces the results of the vote on the election of directors at its virtual annual meeting of shareholders held on June 27, 2022.

The total number of shares represented by shareholders present virtually and by proxy at the meeting was 76,678,672 and represented 37.76% of Chorus’ issued and outstanding shares with voting rights.

Holders of the requisite number of shares voted in favor of all items of business.

Chorus’ proxy circular provided for 10 nominees to the Board of Directors.

Detailed results of the vote for election of directors are set out below.

NomineeVotes For% ForVotes Withheld% Withheld
Karen Cramm76,020,31099.10 %688,9620.90 %
Gail Hamilton76,199,70299.38 %478,9700.62 %
R Stephen Hannahs76,174,89299.34 %503,7800.66 %
Alan Jenkins76,148,76499.31 %529,9080.69 %
Amos Kazzaz76,207,39899.39 %471,2740.61 %
David Levenson76,235,51299.42 %443,1600.58 %
Marie-Lucie Morin68,038,04588.74 %8,636,43011.26 %
Joseph D. Randell76,257,57099.45 %421,1020.55 %
Paul Rivett75,968,96399.09 %697,9370.91 %
Frank Yu76,233,03399.42 %445,6390.58 %

Headquartered in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Chorus is an integrated provider of regional aviation solutions, including asset management services.

Its principal subsidiaries are: Falko Regional Aircraft, the world’s largest aircraft lessor and asset manager focused solely on the regional aircraft leasing segment; Jazz Aviation, the sole provider of regional air services to Air Canada; and Voyageur Aviation, a provider of specialty air charter, aircraft modification, and parts provisioning services to regional aviation customers around the world.

Together, Chorus’ subsidiaries provide support services that encompass every stage of a regional aircraft’s lifecycle, including aircraft acquisition and leasing; aircraft refurbishment, engineering, modification, repurposing and transition; contract flying; aircraft and component maintenance, disassembly, and parts provisioning.

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