Sri Lankan Government Allows Chinese Ship Visit Amid Geo-Political Concern

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The Chinese ship research vessel Shi Yan 6 is scheduled to arrive in Sri Lanka in late November, according to Foreign Minister Mohamed Ali Sabry. The Foreign Ministry has given approval for the vessel’s arrival.

The Chinese ship is now expected to arrive in Sri Lanka on November 25th, although they initially wanted to come in October. The Sri Lankan government insisted on a November arrival due to their ongoing commitments and sensitive issues related to the visit. They are focused on allocating their resources accordingly.

The Sri Lankan government is facing a challenging situation due to a series of international events and diplomatic engagements. They recently hosted an environmental ministers’ conference, are preparing for an IORA meeting with representatives from 34 countries, and have upcoming visits from President Ranil Wickremesinghe to China and a French delegation. In the midst of these commitments, they have requested the Chinese research vessel to arrive later.

They are feeling pressure from multiple sides, especially from India and other parties due to the complex geopolitics involved. Sri Lanka acknowledges its strategic location in the Indian Ocean and the need to maintain good relations with all major powers. While China is an important friend, Sri Lanka remains committed to their scheduled date for the Chinese ship’s arrival.

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