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China-Greece Protection In Jiangsu, China

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On June 24, China-Greece Protection, Renewal and Tourism Development of Ancient City International Cultural Salon was held in Nanjing. Professors, scholars, museum directors, and other experts from China, Greece, Italy and other countries gathered to exchange and learn from China and Greecein the aspects of ancient city protection and renewal and urban tourism development through online and offline methods, according to Jiangsu Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism.

“The protection of famous cities should not only preserve the characteristics of the city and the architectural style, but also the cultural heritage, the memory of the culture, and the space for communication between people, so that each city will have its own personality and characteristics.” Professor Gong Liang, Director of the Council of Nanjing Museum, said there are 13 famous historical and cultural cities in Jiangsu. They are the accumulation of history and tradition, and the beauty of the city’s neighborhoods. The cultural relics are integrated into people’s lives.

Nicholaos Stampolidis, General Director of the Acropolis Museum in Greece,believes the protection of cultural relics is not limited to the relicsthemselves. He said Greece, like China, is effectively protecting and promotingcultural heritage in the best possible way.

Genovese Paolo Vincenzo, Italian architect, with the theme of “No History, No Future”, described the cultural protection rules for Italian historic buildings and towns. He called for a comprehensive and wide-ranging discussion on the protection of historical heritage in China.

Eleni Mantziou, Professor at the National Technical University of Athens, explained how to give new life to the ancient Greek city through video. She took the Plaka area, the oldest neighborhood in Athens as an example, to describe the exploration of the protection and renewal of the ancient city.

Today, the area has a dedicated office where anyone can come and give advice on fixing problems with their house. The protection and renewal of the ancient city is an ancient and modern topic. The ancient city needs protection and update. On the premise of protecting the overall appearance as completely as possible, this salon focuses on excavating the urban history and humanistic connotations accumulated in the cultural heritage, and polish the “golden signboard” of urban cultural tourism.

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