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China Eastern Airlines grounds its Boeing 737 fleet

China Eastern Airlines grounds its Boeing 737 fleet
China Eastern Airlines grounds its Boeing 737 fleet
Written by Harry Johnson

On March 21, 2022, China Eastern Airlines flight 5735 enroute from Kunming to Guangzhou crashed in a remote, mountainous region in the south of China.

There were 132 people on board of China Eastern flight 5735 – 123 passengers and nine crew members.

No survivors had been found after three days of search efforts, Chinese investigators said on Wednesday.  

Today, China Eastern Airlines spokesperson Liu Xiaodong said that the carrier and its subsidiaries have grounded all of its 223 Boeing 737-800 jets and launched a sweeping safety overhaul after the accident.

The grounded planes are undergoing safety inspection and maintenance to ensure that they are safe to fly, China Eastern Airlines spokesman said.

The China Eastern Airlines flight 5735 incident is the country’s worst air disaster in more than a decade.

It also comes at a time when Boeing is trying to recover after two deadly crashes involving its 737 MAX model which led to the deaths of 346 total people.

The 737 MAX is set to return to service in China after a three-year grounding following those incidents.

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