Chartered flights are trending this Holiday Season

Ahead of the holidays, many travelers are anticipating commercial flight delays, cancellations, and rebookings as a result of understaffed airlines and winter storms.

As a result of these challenges and in hopes of avoiding crowded airports, many discerning travelers are increasingly exploring private charter options, and the innovative aviation marketplace FLYJETS has made it simpler, more sustainable, and more accessible than ever to fly private as an alternative to commercial ahead of the holidays.

With that, I’d like to gauge your thoughts on spotlighting the ways in which point to point travel experiences—like those FLYETS facilitates—are desirable ahead of the holidays.

HOW IT WORKS: FLYJETS partners with private charter companies to make direct bookings seamless, allowing individuals and groups to split the cost of charters with other travelers looking for the same routes. Put simply, private jet owners and companies can upload planes to the platform like an AirBnB listing, OR they can share automated updates that show what planes are available, where they’re flying, and when they’re going. Travelers can then either book the plane, OR individual seats, on these charters.

FILLING CHARTERS ALREADY IN THE SKY: A large contributor to the price of private charters is the built-in charges for “empty leg” flights—that is, flights where the plane is going to and from its home base to pick up the group flying, which is rarely in the same departing city. By unlocking these “empty legs” for bookings, FLYJETS is helping travelers break down the charter’s cost and carbon footprint due to empty flights.

PRIVATE BOOKINGS MADE EASY: FLYJETS is free—it requires no monthly payment or annual subscription to book flights, just a standard service fee. Select an available point to point route, and you’ll see your travel estimate. Users can post, search for, and book one-way and round-trip flights, as well as bid on desired flights or buy them on the spot.

CARBON OFFETTING FOR PRIVATE TRAVEL: FLYJETS is working to make private travel more sustainable by maximizing charter flights (aka empty legs in which private planes return to their home base between flights). Currently, users can opt into first-ever carbon offset election program (FLYGreen) which rewards users FLYRewards to use on future bookings. This not only means there will be fewer empty planes in the sky and users can earn rewards points for travel, but also that users will eventually be able to fly in aircrafts using green fuel alternatives and electric vertical take-off and landing aircrafts (eVTOLs).

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