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Chaos is ruling Hawaii: Charleys Taxi CEO had enough and speaks out

, Chaos is ruling Hawaii: Charleys Taxi CEO had enough and speaks out, eTurboNews | eTN

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Hawaii politics has no consequence for stupidity, to quote from Dr. Peter Tarlow from SaferTourism. Chaos is ruling Hawaii. Elected officials and Hawaii Tourism authorities are running away from COVID-19 and are directing frustrated callers to full voicemail systems. The CEO of the Hawaii Tourism Authority retired early and is escaping to Colorado.

Today, Hawaii had the highest increase in COVID-19 infections ever, topping the United States on a percentage scale.

This is a letter Dale Evans, CEO of Honolulu-based Charley’s Taxi, wrote today so her company could continue to operate. She is sharing her frustration on the scary situation Hawaii is now entering into with an uncontrollable spike in Coronavirus cases.

Listen to the podcast.

Her letter explains just some of the issues businesses are going through in the new reality of COVID:

Charley’s  Taxi always has been operating 24/7 to provide the residents & visitors with “Essential Services”. Obviously, we are suffering a significant financial loss.

This is our 82nd year of service to the Honolulu community, we somehow survived WWII and other economic crisis, not to mention all 12 bills and resolutions since 2014 that resulted in few/no rules on UBER & LYFT, continuing stringent restrictions and costs on taxicab operators …. but our situation today is critical. This article appeared on eTN saying how Charley’s made Uber speechless.

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