Canada Expands Air Agreements with Ethiopia, Jordan and Türkiye

Canada Expands Air Agreements with Ethiopia, Jordan and Türkiye
Canada Expands Air Agreements with Ethiopia, Jordan and Türkiye
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New rights under expanded air transport agreements are available for use by Canadian, Ethiopian, Jordanian and Türkiye’s air carriers immediately.


Canada offers a wide range of flight choices to accommodate the needs of all Canadians, including those for leisure, business, and transportation of goods and people. The Government of Canada is actively striving to enhance international air transport agreements, aiming to provide increased options and convenience for both travelers and shippers.

Canada’s Minister of Transport, Pablo Rodriguez, made an announcement today stating that air transport agreements with Ethiopia, Jordan, and Türkiye have been recently expanded by Canada.

The revised agreement with Ethiopia permits an increase in weekly passenger flights from five to seven for each country. This will facilitate the strengthening of bilateral relations, improved connectivity with Ethiopia, and enhanced accessibility to sub-Saharan Africa.

Canada and Jordan have increased their agreement, allowing both countries to operate up to seven weekly passenger flights, an increase from the previous limit of three. This adjustment is in response to the rising demand for air travel between Canada and Jordan.

Türkiye’s extended agreement leads to a rise in the weekly all-cargo flights to seven per country, previously limited to three.

The new rights under these agreements are available for use by air carriers immediately.

According to the Honorable Mary Ng, Canada’s Minister of Export Promotion, International Trade and Economic Development, strengthening Canada’s connectivity with international partners creates opportunities and open doors for Canadian businesses around the world, and today’s announcement will help advance Canada’s trade relationships, create new opportunities for Canadian businesses and contribute to building a stronger economy.

Canada’s Blue Sky policy facilitated the attainment of revised agreements, promoting enduring competition and the growth of global aviation services.

The Government of Canada has entered into new or expanded air transport agreements with over 110 countries under the Blue Sky Policy.

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