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Bulgaria joins Italy and Romania in banning Russian ships

Bulgaria joins Italy and Romania in banning Russian ships
Bulgaria joins Italy and Romania in banning Russian ships
Written by Harry Johnson

Bulgaria’s maritime administration issued a statement announcing a ban on Russian-flagged ships from its Black Sea ports.

“All vessels registered under Russian flag, as well as all vessels that have switched their Russian flag, or flag or maritime register registration to any other state whatsoever after February 24, are forbidden access to Bulgarian maritime and river ports,” read a notice on the maritime administration’s website.

Bulgaria has forbidden Russian vessels from using its ports just a day after Italy and Romania did the same.

As of Sunday, Russian ships are also barred from ports in Italy and Romania. Both countries released statements mirroring the text of the Bulgarian announcement. Other countries implemented bans earlier, with Ireland announcing its own port closure last Monday, and the UK – which is not in the EU – banning Russian shipping in early March.

The bans, which are in line with the EU’s latest round of Westen sanctions imposed on Russia, also apply to vessels that changed their registration after Moscow launched an unprovoked war of aggression against Ukraine.

Only exceptions to the closure of all EU ports to Russian ships will be made for vessels in distress or seeking humanitarian assistance, or ships transporting energy products, food, or medical supplies to the EU.

European Union airspace has also been off limits to Russian planes since late February.

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