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Boston on fire: What happened?

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A fire in East Boston is so big and the smoke plumes are so large, that doppler radar is picking up the activity.

Compounding the efforts of firefighters are winds gusting up to 30 mph from the south. Emergency workers are evacuating residents from the Orient Height neighborhood due to intense smoke as they try to put out the inferno.

This massive 9-alarm fire at 1141 Bennington Street, the home to the New England Casket Company, has firefighters dealing with hazardous chemicals as well as water supply issues.

Fire appears to be literally leaping from the building.

Not longer after arriving, firefighters were ordered out of the building an off the roof due to the treacherous conditions.

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Currently, 6 ladder trucks and around 100 firefighters are fighting the blaze. The main issue right now is getting water pumped to the building to fight the fire. It is taking a number of pumps along the relay circuit to get the water moving.

One firefighter has been taken to a nearby hospital due to smoke inhalation.

The cause of the fire is not yet known.

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