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Best St. Patrick’s Day Celebrations in US named


St. Patty’s day is a bit of an enigma. Very few people know what they are actually celebrating and the “proper” celebration changes depending on who you ask. A majority of people seem to think the whole point is to go to a bar and get plastered with green colored beers. Others will say it’s a chance to pinch people who don’t play along. The more sophisticated crowd will point out that the goal is to appreciate Irish culture and the spread of Christianity. And as always, some simply don’t care.

Despite the variety of opinions, there are a few common themes that are generally understood: it has something to do with Ireland, a leprechaun and clover are somehow involved, and you are supposed to wear green. Regardless of interpretation, it’s a day worthy of celebration. Between attending a wild three-day festival, getting to see the world’s largest shamrock in a parade, and racing your guts out in a themed 5k, there is no shortage of ways to do so this year.

RAVE Reviews has published a ranking series of the “Best St. Patrick’s Day Celebrations.”

“If you want a unique and exciting St. Patrick’s day, you can’t go wrong with any of these destinations. I can’t tell you how or where to celebrate, but for your sake I would strongly recommend wearing green. Oh, and try to learn something new about the holiday. That way you can impress your friends with knowledge instead of annoying them with a pinch,” said Hillary Miller of RAVE Reviews.

The full list of featured locations includes:

Buffalo, New York

Enterprise, Alaska

Fort Collins, Colorado

Hot Springs, Arkansas

Kansas City, Missouri

Madison, Wisconsin

New London, Wisconsin

O’Neil, Nebraska

Savannah, Georgia

Tampa, Florida

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