Best Creative Writing Bachelor’s Degrees in Canada 2019

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Written by Linda Hohnholz

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Canada is truly believed to be one of the best academic destinations. For someone looking to apply abroad for a bachelor’s degree program in creative writing, Canada is actually a great place you can choose. It is open to foreigners and has many of the best colleges for aspiring writers in the world.

Creative writing is slowly becoming a popular and established discipline. It is widely acknowledged, by many people all around the world, to be one of the most popular emerging disciplines in education. This is because the course cuts across multiple fields and includes a lot of diverse methods and theories that allow the learner to master the art of explicitly stating and expressing their thoughts and opinions through “creative” or innovative writing procedures.

It’s good to buy essays online but mastering the art will be a great opportunity for you. So anytime you buy essay online, you can be sure you’re getting the best essay from whichever service you choose. In this article, we’ll be looking at four of the best bachelor’s degrees from the best universities for creative writing.

  1. English: The University of Winnipeg, Winnipeg

If you want to enroll for a course that combines English Language, Literature and the procedures of writing, this degree might be the best choice for you. The 3-year program involves different genres, and students would be exposed to reading different genres and types of texts, literally or non-literary. The course examines different philosophies on topics such as politics, race, gender, sexuality, religion, culture, and so on, with a specialization in philosophy and creative writing. By the end of the program, you’d have successfully mastered the art of analytic reading, which is essential attributes of a creative writer.

2. English – Literature and Rhetoric: Laurentian University, Greater Sudbury, Canada

This program has two different selections. One is ELIT, for English Literature, designed specifically, for persons who want to master the art of literary theory and criticism, and develop skills in communication and understanding of literary writings. Students will be exposed to a range of texts, and this sharpens their skills of critical reading so that they are able to respond to and analyze different issues based on geographical and historical settings.

The other option is the ERMS (English and Media Studies). This one is for those who want to attain absolute mastery of creative writing and critical analysis skills on different genres and forms, whether oral, visual or textual. This course is based on the theory of rhetoric, which focuses on how writers, or creative artists generally, persuade and influence their audience, either through subtle or prominent forms and methods.

This course runs for 4 years, and extra-curricular activities that feature famous writers are regularly organized by the University to help students get different opinions. The course also integrates a variety of other courses and is a great choice if you’re interested in a communications-related career.

3. Creative Writing: OCAD University, Toronto

This is also a 4-year program. The course assimilates visual expression with presentation and written communication. Students are exposed to a range of different activities that will help them develop their skills. Among them are conferences and field trips, public presentations, workshops and symposia. Unlike similar courses, students actually have the opportunity of blending studio art and design sessions with writing. Students are also liable to mentorship, writing and sound lab sessions, book fairs and a lot of other important opportunities. This is actually a good course for both new and professional writers.

OCAD University is one of the colleges for creative writing majors in Canada that have relatively cheap tuition and an accepting atmosphere for students from other countries.

4. Professional Writing: York University, Toronto

This course combines studies in theoretical and historical analysis. It would be a great choice for those that want to become professional writers; journalists, publishers, editors, communications specialist, and even writers of fiction and nonfiction. York University’s Professional Writing program is also a good course for researchers in any field. It teaches students the rudiments of research and investigation into topics.

Students have access to a variety of vital resources. And, the university environment can be easily adapted to.

You’ll agree that writing is an essential area of communication. In every profession we choose, it cannot be ignored. It is one of the ways we express our opinions, thoughts and emotions and also get to positively influence different people’s lives and goals. You can buy an essay online. But it’s also good to get a degree to learn and master the art. The schools on this list are some of the cheapest Universities in Canada and a great academic destination for students from all over the world. They also offer associate degrees in creative writing if you want to earn an associate degree.

, Best Creative Writing Bachelor’s Degrees in Canada 2019, eTurboNews | eTN

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