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Behind the scenes of Airbnb: The stats & facts 2018

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Airbnb has come a long way in the last ten years, attracting guests and hosts from every corner of the globe. Hosts list on the website due to Airbnb’s popularity and reputation. Guests check out Airbnb safe in the knowledge they can book a spacious, comfortable and affordable place to stay.

The Rise of Airbnb

We only need to check out the statistics to see how much Airbnb has grown. When it kicked off in 2008 there were zero listings, zero users and zero bookings, we could even go so far as to say there was zero interest!

How things change! Since then 260 million guests have stayed in Airbnb properties all over the world, and nowadays Airbnb has approximately 150 million users. There are around 4 million Airbnb listing worldwide, covering more than 191 countries and 65,000 cities. There’s also been a rise in the number of properties guests can book instantly, more than 1.9 million listings now have this feature.

With so much available it’s no surprise to learn that around two million people rest their head in an Airbnb property each night. In the past year alone there has been over a 60% increase in the number of guest arrivals. The value of the company also indicates its success. Airbnb is currently valued at around $32 billion, and revenue is on the rise too – latest predictions indicate that by 2020 profits could be around a cool 8.5 billion.

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 Who uses Airbnb?

The over 60’s have joined the Airbnb party, there are now around 200,000 “senior” hosts (that’s over a 100% rise since 2017), and senior female hosts are often rated superbly. Millennials also use Airbnb – approx 60% of guests fall into this category. Many guests (around 60%) are seeking a whole apartment or house, and research indicates around 88% bookings are for groups of between 2 and 4. As a host it’s useful to keep track of the latest Airbnb trends, this will help you to understand how you can attract more custom and please your guests.

Airbnb on a Global Scale

Airbnb seems to be conquering the world, statistics show guests are seeking affordability, location, an authentic experience and something a little different. Airbnb offers all of that across the globe, and they do it competitively.

When guests compare the cost of an Airbnb room / home to the cost of staying at a nice hotel, they often find it’s cheaper to go Airbnb. If you can save money and get tons more space and privacy then it’s an easy choice!  If the trend continues hotels, inns and B&B’s could run into difficulty, as more and more take the self-catering-in-comfort approach. Some even choose Airbnb over squeezing into relative’s home, no sofa for me thanks Aunty Jean, I’ve rented a swanky flat around the corner, with a queen size bed and a jacuzzi bath! Poor Aunty Jean just can’t compete!

 Airbnb in the USA

The United States sits firmly in the top ten Airbnb destinations, and it’s estimated that there are around 660,000 listings, with a 45% increase in bookings. New York, Orlando and Miami are all very sought after. Columbus and Indianapolis (Midwest areas) have also become more popular – mainly with nature-lovers looking to base themselves close to national parks. North America is a hot-to-trot destination too, with bookings in Edmonton on the rise, due to its close proximity to the Rockies. Kelowna and Fernie are also popular.

Airbnb guests like to flash their cash, statistics indicate that guests staying in a San Francisco hotel spend just over $800 on a 3.5-day trip. Those staying at an Airbnb are likely to spend just over $1000 in the same period. Guests also tend to stay longer at an Airbnb, probably due to the fact they get more space, privacy and comfort.

Airbnb The Place to Be

Hosts and guests alike are heading to Airbnb. Airbnb has a solid reputation and offers a simple and effective platform where properties can be promoted, viewed and booked. It’s a great platform for hosts – but the organisation is key. Manage your listings and make sure you always offer tip-top customer service. With more guests than ever booking Airbnb properties, it seems this powerhouse of a company is set to grow even more.

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