Beautiful Young Pakistani Flight Attendants Escape to Canada

PIA Airlines
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Expect older flight attendants when traveling on Pakistan International Airways to Europe or North America.

Great People to Fly With is the slogan for Pakistan International Airlines. These great people will now be 50 years and older, and there is a good reason for it.

A total of four senior flight attendants working two flights on Pakistan International Airlines from Islamabad, Pakistan to Toronto, Canada disappeared within a week after clearing immigration in Canada.

After this happened on Friday, PIA announced that only airline staff 50 years and older will be allowed to work on its flights from North America to Europe.

This should make it less attractive for them to escape to Canada or other Western countries due to their age. 50+-year-old flight attendants may have a hard time finding jobs, enabling them to settle in Canada.

The ailing Pakistan flag carrier made headlines recently due to financial difficulties and massive cancellations. The carrier was unable to pay for fuel in some cases.

Only after October 30, PIA resumed normal operation.

PIA flight attendants escaped from PK 772 after they cleared Canadian immigration in Toronto. PK 773 had to leave without them when the plane returned to Islamabad the next day. Pakistan International Airlines officials informed Canadian Immigration about these incidents.

Pakistan is one of the top source countries for new immigrants to Canada, which is currently home to over 300,000 Pakistani people. The largest share of Pakistani people live in Ontario, especially in Toronto, Mississauga, and Milton.

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