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Barbados: Where Tourism and Sustainability is Now in Perfect harmony

Image courtesy of Barbados Tourism Marketing Inc. (BTMI) 
Written by Linda S. Hohnholz

Showing up on the Conde Nast top 12 sustainable tourism destinations, there is the only Caribbean standout: Barbados. The island of Barbados is setting new benchmarks, and it is the Atlantic Ocean coral island to watch for its transition to renewables.

Barbados is a new republic in one of the lesser Antilles of the West Indies and is sized only 21 miles by 14. But don’t let its small stature mislead you. This Caribbean gem packs a powerful sustainable wallop along with being an enchanting island getaway.

Barbados Prime Minister Mia Mottley’s mission is to lead by example from the frontline of the climate crisis. As well as spreading the word about the need to switch to greener energy supplies, the celebrated COP speaker is introducing dramatic targets for this island.

In Barbados, the main economic revenue stream is tourism, and despite the hard hits on the economy due to the pandemic, the country has still managed to win acclaim for looking after its residents so exceptionally well.

Barbados: Island of fantastic flavors and forward thinking.

The Caribbean Alliance for Sustainable Tourism (CAST) can attest to the strength of the country’s new direction towards more nature-positive and community-focused experiences. La Maison Michelle, owned by a Black Bajan, is a reclaimed sugar plantation that now hosts 7 suites and exemplifies a new-gen hospitality business that supports community-boosting initiatives. Coco Hill Forest insists we reconnect with nature while making it clear these 53 acres of land are the beginning of big ecotourism plans from the director of the Bridgetown Film Festival. Plus, the yield of indigenous fruits and vegetables served over in its Mamu’s Café is impressive.

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Image courtesy of Barbados Tourism Marketing Inc. (BTMI) 

Also working hard to reverse the reliance on imported produce is Local and Co, a restaurant helmed by chef Sophie Michell and a champion of regenerative organic, hyper-local, and wild food sources, and which cooked for Prince Charles on the eve of them becoming a republic. Graze on produce from the biodynamic PEG Farm and Nature Reserve in good conscience, too, knowing that they model free-range animal husbandry and permaculture.

As sustainability editor of Conde Nast, Juliet Kinsman, says, these nations are making the planet a better place while inviting us to explore them in an eco-friendly way. So, while hopping on long-haul flights might not feel like a fast-track to tackling the climate emergency, if you are planning on traveling anyway, why not become a more conscious traveler?

Image courtesy of Barbados Tourism Marketing Inc. (BTMI) 

Conde Nast’s other sustainable destinations for 2022 include Bhutan, Costa Rica, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Ireland, Madagascar, Norway, Scotland, Slovenia, and Sweden.

A new direction for tourism in Barbados

With the formation of the new Republic of Barbados, a new direction in tourism took place under the leadership of a new CEO of Barbados Tourism Marketing (BTMI.

BTMI CEO Jens Thraenhart proudly added: “With Barbados, you get the only Caribbean tropical paradise that will provide an enjoyable trip of a lifetime!”



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