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Bahamas Sip ‘N’ Paste Junkanoo Workshop at Island SPACE Caribbean Museum

, Bahamas Sip ‘N’ Paste Junkanoo Workshop at Island SPACE Caribbean Museum, eTurboNews | eTN
image courtesy of Bahamas Ministry of Tourism

What better way to truly experience the spirit of the Bahamian culture than creating your very own “tricked out” Junkanoo costume piece and participating in a live Junkanoo rush out?

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The Bahamas Tourist Office Florida Sales Team hosted more than a dozen travel advisors from the Bahamas Specialist Programme for the first Bahamas “Sip ‘N’ Paste” recently held at the Island SPACE Caribbean Museum in Broward Mall.

, Bahamas Sip ‘N’ Paste Junkanoo Workshop at Island SPACE Caribbean Museum, eTurboNews | eTN

The exciting event gave travel advisors a hands-on experience of the beloved Bahamian tradition and a deeper understanding of how the colourful and vibrant costumes are made. The art and skill of decorating Junkanoo costumes have evolved throughout Bahamian history, dating back to the late 1920s, when sponging was a big business and Junkanooers would cover their bodies with the material and their faces with a flour paste. It evolved to the use of fringed cloth and fringed newspaper, to now multi-coloured crepe paper.  Crepe paper is carefully “pasted” in multiple ways on exquisitely designed cardboard costumes using glue and then further decorated with gems, mirrors, and feathers.

The travel advisors were also treated to a taste of Bahamian cuisine with a twist on the local favourite Chicken in Da’ Bag and delicious Bahamian desserts. It wouldn’t be a true Bahamian Junkanoo experience without the rhythmic sounds of goatskins drums and cowbells, so of course, there was a rush out at the close of the event. It was only fitting to host the first event of its kind at the Island SPACE Caribbean Museum which currently showcases an exhibit from The Bahamas.

The “Sip ‘N’ Paste” event was just the first in a series of interactive and engaging experiences that the Florida Sales Team has upcoming on its calendar. The Florida Sales Team continues to encourage travel professionals to join the Bahamas Specialist Programme in an effort to deepen relationships with travel trade partners. The programme provides training modules and direct assistance to travel advisors to promote The Bahamas’ 16 unique destinations and expand their business.

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ABOUT Island SPACE: Island SPACE is a nonprofit organization dedicated to the development and advancement of arts, culture, history, and educational initiatives that represent the Caribbean region, in South Florida, and the broader diaspora community. The organization produces events and supports independent artists, organizations, and groups who deliver high-level presentations, in various art forms. For more information on Island SPACE Caribbean Museum, visit

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