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Bacteria Levels at Some Guam’s Beaches Elevated

Guam, Bacteria Levels at Some Guam’s Beaches Elevated, eTurboNews | eTN
Written by Binayak Karki

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The Guam Environmental Protection Agency has announced that 29 beaches currently have exceeded regular bacteriological standards.

Such situations are normal to happen in beach regions and can fluctuate depending on underlying conditions.

The agency collected 43 samples on Thursday. The areas exceeding accepted biological standards are detailed in a Guam EPA news release.

The Guam EPA cautions that swimming, fishing, or playing could lead to minor illnesses like sore throats or diarrhea, as well as serious illnesses such as meningitis or encephalitis.

Children, the elderly, and those with weakened immune systems are at greater risk of illness, the release stated.

List of Polluted Beaches:

  • Hågat: Bangi Beach; Nimitz Beach; North of Agat Marina south of Chaligan Creek; Togcha Beach — Hågat; Togcha Beach — Bridge; Togcha Beach — Cemetery.
  • Asan: Adelup Beach Park; Adelup Point Beach (West); Asan Bay Beach.
  • Chalan Pago: Pago Bay.
  • Hagåtña: Hagåtña Bayside Park; Hagåtña Channel; Hagåtña Channel — Outrigger Ramp; Padre Palomo Park Beach; West Hagåtña Bay — Park; West Hagåtña Bay — West Storm Drain.
  • Inalåhan: Inalåhan Bay; Inalåhan Pool.
  • Malesso’: Malesso’ Pier — Mamaon Channel.
  • Piti: Piti Bay; Santos Memorial.
  • Talo’fo’fo’: First Beach; Talo’fo’fo’ Bay.
  • Tamuning: Dungcas’ Beach; East Hagåtña Bay — Alupang Tower Beach; East Hagåtña Bay — Trinchera Beach; Gognga Beach — Okura Beach
  • Humåtak: Toguan Bay; Humåtak Bay.

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Binayak - based in Kathmandu - is an editor and author writing for eTurboNews.

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