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Author: Dr. Taleb Rifai

Dr. Taleb Rifai is a Jordanian who was the Secretary-General of the United Nations' World Tourism Organization, based in Madrid, Spain, until the 31st of December 2017, having held the post since being unanimously elected in 2010. The first Jordanian to hold a UN agency Secretary General position.

African Tourism Board Project Hope Recovery Plan now has a Strategic Framework

Dr. Taleb Rifai Dr. Taleb Rifai- May 10, 2020 21:34

Dr. Taleb Rifai, the chairman of Project Hope Africa proposed his vision for a general framework to the African Tourism Board (ATB). Dr. Rifai is also the patron of ATB ... Read More

Airbnb can play a role in the Corona Era

Dr. Taleb Rifai Dr. Taleb Rifai- April 18, 2020 01:35

Airbnb can play an important role in the COVID -19 crisis. This role is both in the Containment and the Recovery phases of these crises. It is suggested that this ... Read More

Tourism Recovery now has a plan called “HOPE”

Dr. Taleb Rifai Dr. Taleb Rifai- April 12, 2020 08:58

Dr. Taleb Rifai was the former UNWTO Secretary-General. Dr. Rifai is chairing the new African Tourism Board COVID-19 Task Force. Co- chair is Alain St. Ange, former minister of Tourism ... Read More

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