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Are Pilotless Flights on American Airlines Already in Operation?

America is celebrating its birthday on Monday, July 4. This is the busiest travel weekend and US Airlines are more than overwhelmed.

This is your captain speaking. Is this captain not in the cockpit, but at the American Airlines operation center in Dallas, Texas?

Computer glitch sees TWELVE THOUSAND scheduled American Airlines flights left without pilots.

American Airlines has been flying non-piloted flights for years now. They just don’t talk about it. It would just lead to a bunch of questions. This was a post seen on Twitter today.

Of course, American Airlines like any commercial airliner still needs pilots to operate planes.

Rumors spread fast, and such conspiracy theories were posted today on Twitter by a frustrated American Airlines passenger.

A glitch in the American Airlines scheduling platform reportedly allowed pilots to drop thousands of trips as delays and cancellations have derailed Fourth of July travel plans across the country.

“We have become aware of a technical issue with our Trip Trade with Open Time System (TTOT),” American Airlines said in response to an inquiry first posted on ABC News. “We understand these are important tools for our pilots and are working as quickly as possible. We will provide updates throughout the day as we learn more.”

Airlines like American Airlines are not having a good day judging by chatter showing up on social media all day Friday and today.

AmericanAir was stuck on the tarmac for 4 hours. Pulled out of the gate and were told we don’t have enough fuel for the trip and had to go back. Airline attendants refuse to update. You are a literal joke of an airline

@AmericanAir over 18 people just missed out plane out of Miami because your flight from Bonaire was late. We got here, we’re looking at the plane, and your agents won’t talk to us. Do better.

@AmericanAir my flight was delayed 6 hours and 5 mins for a 43 min flight smh….come on AA, we are trying to support you guys but you can not think this is going to be acceptable going forward…..Flight 5822

@AmericanAir your JFK flights are pretty much being delayed intentionally.. 2 hours on the taxiway and no announcement why.. #Ridiculousness

@AmericanAir worst experience ever wife and kids stranded for 3 days 2 different cities ended up coming home instead of going to their final destination all #americanairlines fault now making it hard to get my refund might have to take legal action

@AmericanAir lifelong million-miler about to take my last flights ever. Absolute incompetence with baggage. A simple trip turned into an absolute nightmare with one person after the next either lying or simply not aware. Cannot adequately express the incompetence of baggage.

The encouraging part of this complaint by a million-miler of the Aadvantage program received an answer on Twitter:

We’re very thankful to have you as our loyal customer. Please come to DM with the record locator and more details on this event.

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