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An excellent handicap-friendly Hawaii event

An excellent handicap-friendly Hawaii event
handicap-friendly Hawaii event

I have never been to a bad lūau, but each one of them is different. When seeking a handicap-friendly, open-air luau with a dramatic setting, I chose Ka Moana Lūau, located at the iconic Sea Life Park Hawaii on Oahu’s beautiful Windward side.

  1. The author gives this luau a solid 10 out of 10 rating as a handicap-friendly event – find out why.
  2. A man walking around pretending to be the palm-leaf weaver was actually the manager in disguise making certain each customer had the best experience possible.
  3. Overcoming potential transportation woes.

Features I wanted to avoid were lūaus on the roof of cement buildings and those with weathered picnic tables sunk in nine inches of sand that would render a power wheelchair immobile. This one proved to be a handicap-friendly Hawaii event.

Ka Moana Lūau is located way over on the east side in a rather remote area of Oahu. It is situated in the lush, florid area of the island. Behind the main stage is the dramatic Rabbit Island and turquoise Polynesian waters. The surface area is grassy volcanic land, barrier-free, and easy to navigate in a wheelchair or while strolling a baby carriage.

The tables were covered in colorful tropical fabric, generously spaced apart for COVID-19 safety, and situated on a breezy cliff facing an extra-wide stage. Due to the expanse of the stage, the performances could host a large number of tables for close viewing. Each set boasted vivid colors, high-energy dancers, and melodious voices. The Tahitian dancers, my favorite, were exquisite.

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