Airlines in Europe Asked to Standardize Luggage Sizes

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The European Parliament previously requested standardizing carry-on luggage rules for airlines.

The European Commission has requested airlines to adopt standardize luggage sizes to enhance simplicity and convenience for travelers.

The absence of consistent standards causes confusion for airline customers and results in undisclosed additional expenses. Many travelers struggle to grasp the allowed size of items for free onboard, prompting the Commission to urge airlines for clarity and uniformity.

The European Parliament previously requested standardizing carry-on luggage rules for airlines. However, rather than proposing specific measures, the Commission opted to encourage the industry to create these rules independently.

Adina Vălean, the European Commissioner for Transport, emphasized the importance of clear information for travelers at the ticket purchase stage regarding luggage allowances. She highlighted the need for transparency on what passengers are purchasing and the baggage they can bring onboard or check. Vălean also stated that while they expect industry action, the Commission retains the option to intervene if necessary steps aren’t taken within a reasonable timeframe.

The Commission simultaneously suggested measures to strengthen passenger rights legislation, particularly concerning reimbursement for delayed or canceled trips, specifically addressing gaps in intermodal travel scenarios.

The Commission aims to address this issue through a standardized EU-wide reimbursement and compensation form.

Additionally, efforts will focus on raising passenger awareness regarding their rights, particularly in cases involving multiple modes of transportation or trips booked through intermediaries.

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