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Climate Goals Risk Air Connectivity for Australia and New Zealand

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Aviation organizations have warned that Australia and New Zealand could face the most significant impact from reductions in air connectivity as the global community fulfills its climate obligations.

Air connections to the South Pacific might decrease and become pricier due to airlines reallocating resources.

The Australian Airport Association warned that heavy reliance on long-haul air travel could price the region out of global aviation networks. CEO James Goodwin stated that Australia’s position might lead European and Middle Eastern airlines to favor other destinations, reducing air connections. He also noted the risk of international carriers cutting flights to Australia due to emission reduction efforts and its remote location.

With emissions goals for 2030 and 2050, the AAA cautioned that Australia must maintain a robust presence to prevent flight reductions from airlines and other countries meeting carbon obligations. The AAA emphasized that a lack of effective negotiations could lead to reduced global connectivity for Australia.

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