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A New Boeing Worry? Launch of Airbus Atlantic

Airbus: 39,000 new aircraft, 550,000 new pilots needed by 2040.

A wholly-owned Airbus subsidiary, Airbus Atlantic, a global player in the aerostructures field, was officially established on 1st January 2022. The new company groups the strengths, resources and skills of Airbus’s sites in Nantes and Montoir-de-Bretagne, the central functions associated with their activities, as well as the STELIA Aerospace sites worldwide.

This unification is part of the transformation project announced in April 2021, aimed at strengthening the value chain of aerostructure assembly within Airbus’s industrial setup, this activity is considered as core business. It marks the intention to gain competitiveness, innovation, and quality for the benefit of Airbus’s programs of today and tomorrow.

As such, Airbus Atlantic will be an essential element in the group’s value chain and will play a key role with regard to the aerostructure supply chain, with more than 500 direct suppliers (flying products) and more than 2,000 indirect suppliers (general procurement products).

« At the heart of Airbus, Airbus Atlantic aims at meeting the great challenges linked to a sustainable aviation industry, pioneering new technologies”, said Cédric Gautier, CEO of Airbus Atlantic. “Our first mission will be to ensure the satisfaction of all our customers and to establish new standards of excellence in terms of quality and operational efficiency. I have full confidence in the talent, enthusiasm and commitment of the Airbus Atlantic teams to write this new chapter of our history with success.”

With 13,000 staff in 5 countries and 3 continents, and an estimated business volume of around 3.5 Bn euros, Airbus Atlantic is the world number two for aerostructures, world number one for pilot seats and ranks in the top three for Business Class and First Class passenger seats, which continue to be marketed under the STELIA Aerospace brand.

With an estimated business volume of more than €3.5 Bn, Airbus Atlantic is the new world n°2 player in aerostructures market, n°1 in pilot seats and in the Top 3 for Premium passenger seat marketed under the STELIA Aerospace brand.

Gathering forces, resources and means of Airbus Nantes and Montoir-de-Bretagne plants, central functions associated to these activities and STELIA Aerospace sites worldwide, Airbus Atlantic counts 13,000 employees in 5 countries and 3 continents as of January 1st 2022.

As an Airbus wholly-owned subsidiary, positioned at the heart of Airbus industrial system, Airbus Atlantic’s mission is to drive competitiveness with the flexibility, speed, simplicity and agility of an aerostructure Tier-1. 

The new company aims at delivering state-of-the-art quality and operational excellence to Airbus and to aircraft manufacturers such as Dassault Aviation, Bombardier and ATR, as well as to worldwide airlines with its Premium passenger seat range.

Airbus Atlantic is an essential part of Airbus’s value chain and plays a key-role in the whole aerostructures’ supply-chain with more than 500 suppliers on flying products and more than 2,000 on general procurement products.


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